Reformatted exFAT FAT32 Partition Data Recovery

An accidentally reformatted hard drive could be a cause of great frustration, unless you learn about reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition data recovery processes at an early stage, then you'd probably have tears on your eyes or pulling your hair out. Your external drive can contain so many important files that may be related to work, school or even countless personal documents, photos, songs, videos and so much more. Losing your computer's memory due to carelessness or accidental reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition could most definitely break your heart or make you lose your mind. That's completely understandable, though. Good thing there's a program such as the iCare Data Recovery Pro for format recovery.

How to Recover Reformatted exFAT FAT32 Partition Data?

Reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition could be even more painful when it contains very important files that you really worked hard on. This could be term papers that you haven't submitted yet or a thesis you're supposed to defend the following day. It could also be a presentation that you're going to show a client in the next couple of days, and this is something you've worked on for months and you just don't have enough time to redo it. Though you can best rely on programs such as the iCare Data Recovery Pro . This software allows you to recover data after quick format or full format. Here are some tips to save you from the headache and/or heartache of a reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition:

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  1. Always eject your external hard drive from your computer or laptop safely before pulling out the USB cable. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry or your computer’s too slow. Don’t skip this step no matter what.
  2. Back up your files on another hard drive, USB flash drive, your computer or a cloud storage website such as Dropbox. If by any chance any recovery program even the very reliable iCare Data Recovery Pro won’t work on your reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition, you still have copies of your important files available.
  3. Do not plug in your external drive in so many different computers especially those that are not yours. If for some reason your friends or colleagues need a copy of files saved on your external hard drive, have them download it from your cloud storage.
  4. Don’t be too “click-happy”. Take your time when using your computer and just don’t click on okay in every pop-up that appears. Click only once unless you’re required by a program to click twice. If your computer is loading, let it load. An accidental click can lead you to the hassle of a reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition.

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The Bottom Line for Reformatted exFAT FAT32 Partition Recovery

If you find yourself reformatted exFAT FAT 32 partition by mistake, and you badly need to get your files back right away, use the iCare Data Recovery Pro. It is very easy to use and has been the trusted recovery program by many users.

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