Reformatted Crucial External Hard Drive by Mistake

Sometimes we will reformat crucial external hard drive by mistake and erase some files that we still needed or that we never wanted to delete when we start cleaning the computer or disk. Finding a way to get them back can seem daunting and somewhat hopeless, but there are always ways to get the files back, no matter the reason you deleted them.

One way of doing so would be to use the iCare Data Recovery Pro tool. This is a very reliable way of recovering reformatted crucial data on an external hard drive. If you use this, you can get the files back with little to no trouble.

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Data Recovery after Reformatted Crucial External HDD by Mistake

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In order to get files back from the external hard drive, you will need to plug that hard drive back into the computer. If you have to reinstall any of the software, you should do that at this moment as well. After that, you can go about downloading the iCare Data Recovery software that you had to get and it will allow you to get your files back. Once that is downloaded onto the computer, you will need to choose an option on how to actually run it. Scanning the hard drive is a great way of getting what it is that you want. This is because you can see everything once it all comes up.

Once everything is scanned and the list comes up on screen, you can go through and find whatever it was that you deleted to get it back. This is essentially the way that you can recover your deleted files, and once you have the restored, they will be back on the computer like they were before.

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Restore Deleted Files after Reformat Crucial Portable Hard Drive Accidentally

The ease at which you can recover any data from the crucial hard drive will keep you able to use the computer from your home whenever you want. Plus, if you ever delete anything by mistake again, you will know exactly how to get it back, with the best recovery tool, iCare Data Recovery Pro. This software will help you out of many binds, and you will no longer worry about your special files being deleted after accidental quick format or full format.

The Bottom Line

Are you still worried about data loss after reformatting crucial external hard drive by mistake? With iCare Data Recovery Pro, you will no longer need to worry about getting your computer into a professional just to get back those precious files or data that was deleted by mistake after reformat. This is a quick and easy way of getting what you need back, right in your own home. Not to mention, you do not have to give up your computer to do so.

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