Reformatted Buytra External Hard Drive Recovery

Stituation1: Hello, I am new here and need help to recover data from Buytra external drive after reformat. In fact, I do have used a 500GB Buytra USB hard disk for saving my computer pictures, music and files. However, last week, when I was trying to access it on my PC, there was a message reporting this disk would not be read well and disk need to be reformatted right now. Moreover, its file system was also showed as RAW in Disk Management. Hence, I reformatted this disk and found all left computer information was also erased. Please help recover lost data from this reformatted external hard disk. Thanks!

Stituation2: Last weekends, I just formatted my BuytraUSB hard disk several times on purpose so that I could donate it to the school located in our block without worrying about leaking anything important inside latter. However, in this morning, I just found there were still some valuable file folders that were erased without backups elsewhere. I really hope these lost files could be extracted out from that reformatted external drive. Do you have any idea to recover lost files from purposely reformatted USB portable hard disk?

Hello, friends! Many external hard disk format/reformat recovery utilities out there can help recover all possible deleted, erased, inaccessible or invisible files, messages, photos and videos from formatted/reformatted external hard disk. Therefore, if you really get no any luck to take your wanted Buytra USB hard disk data back, you also can give such external hard disk data recovery software a good try before entire drive is completely rewritten by new information.

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Many Reasons to Reformat Buytra Drive without Data Backups Prepared

No matter whether you format/reformat your Buytra drive by mistake or on purpose, it is really common for people to encounter such reformatted drive data loss troubles. Actually, in daily use, there are many reasons that can make people reformat their drive without data backups prepared in advance:
1).Accidentally press computer drive "Format" button to reformat selected USB Hard disk.
2).Unexpectedly reformat an unwanted external drive since you do select the wrong storage device
3).Be forced to reformat USB portable hard disk since it is detected with RAW file system error, virus infection or other logical damages.
4).External hard disk is reformatted after sudden power surge or instant power loss, etc.

No matter why you reformat your Buytra external hard disk, stop adding new data there and go try data recovery software to rescue all possible original drive data back.

Go Try Simple Steps to Recover Buytra USB Hard Disk Data after Format or Reformat

Have no any luck to retrieve your original files and others back from this Buytra external drive after reformat? No panic! You seem not to choose a reliable external hard disk reformat recovery software. Merely go try other software related and check how many original contents could be recovered back.
And now, go try free download external hard disk data recovery software and take all possible stuffs back like this:

download data recovery software

Step1. Install and run data recovery software well to pick a preferable data recovery mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this connected Buytra USB hard disk and wait patiently.

wait while scanning

Step3. Save and back up all restored external drive information on a different safe drive or location well.

preview found photo

Please Note:

  • Save new computer data on computer drive partition or other external drives in case of permanent data loss.
  • In case of wasting money, go run software to scan this USB hard disk and preview the recoverable files and photos. And then, see whether it is worth continuing the data recovery process at the cost of much money.
  • Prepare external drive data backups on different drives or locations from now on.

Several Ways to Back Up Buytra Portable Hard Disk Data

How do you often back up your valuable Buytra portable hard disk data? Only save it all on only one USB hard disk? OK! In order to avoid such drive reformat data loss troubles, only one drive data backup often is not enough. Here are several ways for you to take as references:
1). Save important drive data on different storage devices.
Always back up important data on two or more drive partitions, external hard disks, flash drives, CDs or the likes.
2). Save valuable drive data with data backup software.
Also apply some professional data backup software to help you when you do forget to prepare data backups often.
3). Save precious drive data to online storage.
Without several storage devices or data backup software, you also can also upload it all to online storage for backing up. In this way, without taking storage devices around, you also can easily use or view desired data at any place and at any time.


No matter how you’ve reformatted your Buytra external hard disk, as long as the original drive information is not replaced by new stuff on the same drive, free data recovery software always helps in getting data back from reformatted external hard disk. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover files after quick format or full format.

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