Reformatted Bargain Cable External Hard Drive by Mistake

Problem1: Hello, can I recover lost files from Bargain Cable external drive reformatted by chance? In fact, last Friday, the USB cable of my Bargain cable USB hard disk was kicked out from my PC when this drive was in use. And then, nothing inside can be accessed due to drive not formatted error message. Hence, finally, I reformatted this portable drive and made a great deal of original drive data lost. Do you know whether the original drive data is going? Is it possible to recover data from reformatted external drive?

Problem2: Hey, everybody there! My Bargain cable USB portable drive was not backed up well when I quick reformatted this drive by mistake. And thousands of photos and files inside were naturally erased. However, I still hoped I can get these lost contents back after that reformat since some work related documents were needed in the next commercial meeting. What can I do to retrieve reformatted external drive files? Thanks for any answer here!

Problem3: Hello, my laptop stopped working last night for sudden power loss. And my connected Bargain Cable external drive seemed to be damaged, too. All my stored files, mails and several movies were not accessible since there was a Windows error message saying: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Hence, I formatted this USB hard disk several times till it gave no such error messages again. However, my reserved drive data was also missing and found nowhere. I really need your help to recover data from this several times formatted drive. Thanks!

Hey, friends! No matter how and why you’ve reformatted the Bargain Cable USB hard disk, if you do care about previous data stored inside this external drive, the first thing you are supposed to do is to keep anything else away from this portable drive and go check whether Bargain Cable external drive file recovery software is able to take your lost data back after reformat.

Go Start USB Hard Disk Reformat Recovery Software to Get Lost Data Back

Generally, the USB portable hard disk reformatted mistakenly due to drive not formatted error, virus-infection, drive bad sector, instant power loss, sudden drive dropping and more often will not really erase original drive contents immediately. Instead, after that drive reformatting process, there are only the entries of these original drive files that have been changed. And your missing drive videos, files, mails, photos and the like drive contents are still stored there in a way that cannot be recognized easily by any computer or machine. Therefore, to make these original drive data useful again, you do need some professional helps, like some Bargain cable external drive reformat recovery software online. Hence, do not panic to mess everything up and download related data recovery software to take chances:
Here are the data recovery steps for you:

download data recovery software

Steps to Rescue Deleted Files from LaCie Portable HDD

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the Bargain Cable portable hard drive to your computer and run the software.

Setp1. Check the listed data recovery modes to take a fixable one out for your reformatted Bargain Cable portable hard disk.

select recovery mode

Step2. Go pick this Bargain cable drive out from other storage devices and let this data recovery software to thoroughly scan it with patience.

wait while scanning

Step3. Go preview the scanned original drive contents and save the files you need.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Useful Notes:

  • Never move the restored data to the same Bargain Cable USB removable hard disk in case of data recovery failures.
  • Not all drive data recovery software will finally rescue all or most of your original drive information. Therefore, spend sometime in choosing a proper drive reformat recovery tool.
  • If you really have no idea about how to choose a reliable drive recovery program, only choose the one that can help you scan out much more recoverable drive information.
  • Also make Bargain Cable drive data backups on two or more drives or devices in the future.

Final Conclusion: 

Under different reformatted external hard disk data loss circumstances, four in five people can get different data recovery results since their drive conditions are different. Hence, do not wrongly think that you can completely recover every original file back with right data recovery software. In fact, even when you apply the so-called best drive data recovery program on your USB hard disk, you also may only rescue very little previous drive information back, especially when your portable hard disk gets much bad sectors. Therefore, in your cases, merely plunge this Bargain Cable hard disk to your PC and immediately scan it thoroughly with external drive reformat recovery software to see whether you can recover accidentally reformatted USB hard disk file back with success.

download data recovery software

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