How to use Recuva to Repair RAW SD Memory Card


A lot of people prefer to use Recuva to recover data when they have data loss problems. How is the work effect? Is there any better way to repair raw SD memory card? Here is our recommendation.

Download iCare Free for RAW Recovery

Can I Use Recuva to Repair Raw SD Card

Use Recuva to repair raw SD memory cardUse Recuva to repair raw SD memory card

According to users comments on some forums, Recuva is not working well on raw SD/SDHC card recovery, it can only fix easy data recovery work like deletion.

It may not be the best choice for you to recover data from raw memory card.

Best Solution of Raw Memory Card Recovery - iCare Pro Free

Here I would like to recommend a better raw data recovery program to you, iCare Data Recovery Pro Free. It is a read-only software which will do no harm to your computer, and it won’t change the file format of your data, and it has a powerful recovery ability, it can recover all kinds of data from any storage devices including SD/SDHC card, USB pen drive, external drive, hard drive, phone, camera, PC, etc.

Download iCare Free for RAW SD Card Recovery

Instructions of Raw SD/SDHC Card Recovery

Step1: Install the data recoverr tool, iCare Data Recovery on your computer, and connect your memory card to computer with a card reader.

Step2: Run the program, choose "Deep Scan Recovery" mode, choose your memory card to start scanning.

Raw memory recovery without data lossRaw memory recovery without data loss

Step3: After scanning, you can preview the found data, choose those you needed to recover, and save them to another place.

Raw memory recovery with iCare Data Recovery proRaw memory recovery with iCare Data Recovery pro

After these steps, you can have your data recovered.


How to Repair Raw SD Card

After you recovered the data on the raw memory card, you can format your raw SD card to NTFS or FAT32 safely. While it is not available to format your device by Windows format function. So how to complete the format and repair raw SD card?

Raw SD Card Recovery with CMD


CMD is a system command prompt, which may cause you trouble if you write a character wrong, so you need to be very careful to avoid mistakenly format.

Step1: Run CMD.

Repair raw memory card with CMDRepair raw memory card with CMD

Step2: Type"format F: /fs:fat32"(F is the drive letter of your RAW memory card).

Repair raw memory card with CMD

Then you can repair your raw memory card into FAT32.


Many people would like to choose Recuva to recover data when their storage devices are corrupted, formatted, mistakenly deleted. Recuva is a freeware for data recovery, it can recover data when you mistakenly deleted it from your SD card, USB flash drive, and other storage devices.

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