Recover Word and Excel Documents from Corrupted Seagate Backup Drive

Cannot Rescue Files from Corrupted 300GB Seagate USB Backup Hard Drive

"Hello! Please give me ways to recover lost documents from Seagate drive. Honestly, one of my 300GB Seagate backup external hard drive seems to be damaged somehow and my PC cannot recognize this Seagate USB hard disk. However, I did have backed up many precious Word, Excel and some PDF files inside this drive. And the computer partition holds the original copy is also deleted by mistake. So, after searching for related corrupted hard drive data recovery information online, I had tried Seagate drive recovery utilities found over the internet and only recovered about 3GB of original drive files back. What’s worse, many of them cannot be open due to RAW format. Do you have any suggestion to recover files from my Seagate external drive? Thanks for any useful post here in advance!"

Hello, friends! Your 300GB Seagate backup drive is completely undetectable on any computer? Have you tried other drive data recovery tools to take chances? Honestly, as long as your USB hard drive is still detected by your PC, your mentioned data recovery software really helps to take the original drive documents, videos, songs and files back before your case goes worse.

Recover Word, Excel and Other Files from Corrupted External Drive Step by Step

Why you think your USB backup drive is corrupted? It does not show in My Computer Windows of your PC or says it is not formatted or in RAW file system? If so, do not panic! It sounds like your Seagate USB hard drive is not corrupted completely yet. Just plunge it to your computer with another USB cable or through another USB port and scan it with Seagate external hard disk data recovery programs to check whether your original Word and Excel Files are able to be rescued back.

And here are simple steps for excel corrupt file recovery:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download Seagate hard disk file recovery software and install it well on your PC.

select recovery mode

Step2. Launch software well and select a data recovery mode or device scan mode based on your cases.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this corrupted drive thoroughly and preview all scanned documents patiently.
Step4. Retrieve desired documents to computer partitions or different external storage devices.

preview found photo

download data recovery software


*No matter how your 300TGB USB hard drive shows on your computer, do not use or format it before a successful data recovery. 
*No matter how troublesome it will be to click and preview the scanned drive documents, patiently check them one by one to make sure most or even all your wanted information is able to be recovered.
*No matter how many storage devices you do have now, allocate a different one to hold all retrieved information in case of data recovery failures.
*No matter how difficult it will be for you to prepare data backups in the future, always back up everything important on several drives or locations all the time.

Data Recovery Software Helps Get Data Back from RAW Format Hard Drive, Not RAW Format Files

Still find your restored documents are in RAW format and cannot be accessed on any computer? Honestly, in daily use, many data recovery tools out there do help get lost documents, pictures, audios, videos, mails, messages and more files back from RAW format hard drive, not RAW format files. A hard drive with RAW file system often will be displayed as RAW file system in Disk Management and also keeps asking you to format whenever you try to access any file inside. Have you got such symptoms? If you do, fortunately, you are still possible to rescue your lost drive contents back at the aid of Seagate external hard drive RAW file system recovery tools. However, if you only get some RAW format files, in such cases, in comparison with data recovery programs, you’d better find some file converting software to change your file format from RAW to your wanted one. Of course, it is also possible to indicate that your drive data is already corrupted and becomes irrecoverable. And there is no sure. You are supposed to check it personally.

Retrieve Corrupted Files from USB Hard Drive

From the above description, it is really possible for users to take lost data from corrupted USB hard drive. But, unfortunately, you do have got many corrupted files, like some RAW format documents, after performing data recovery processes on your Seagate drive? OK! Generally speaking, the file recovery software always helps scan data from assigned storage devices and recover it back to your wanted storage devices with its original state. But, it does not help restore already corrupted files. In other words, if your 300GB external hard drive files have already corrupted seriously before or during the data losing process, you often get no chances to rescue them all back, though you do have tried the most effective data recovery tools out there. Hence, when your drive gets some data loss troubles, you are supposed to merely go perform a deep scan there and go recover all good ones back as possible as you can.

download data recovery software

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