Recover Videos from Corrupted Canon 6D Camera SD Card

Camera SD Card Is Now Corrupted and Shows Codes or Something Unusual

"Hello, thanks for reading my problem! Honestly, yesterday, when I was transferring some files stored on my Canon 6D digital camera memory card, a Transcend 16GB SD card, to my laptop with a Transcend card reader, I accidentally touched the used card reader with my hand and then, a data transformation error occurred. And then, the SD card is corrupted now and this card also cannot be read well. When being inserted to my laptop again, there were lots of folders and files whose file names looked liked a code or something unusual. Does anyone have any insight for me to recover videos from corrupted SD card? Thanks in advance!"

Recover Lost Files, Videos and More Data from Corrupted SD Card

No matter how your files and folders inside this corrupted SD card shows on your laptop, do not rush to give up them all and go download corrupted Transcend SD card data recovery software to see whether your lost Canon digital camera movies, pictures, videos, files and more data is able to be taken back with success.
And here are common simple steps for you to take lost files, videos and the like data from corrupted SD card:

download data recovery software

Step1. Turn off Canon digital camera and extract corrupted SD card out. Plunge it to your laptop directly with card reader.

select recovery mode

Step2. Download and install data recovery software on laptop hard drives well.

wait while scanning

Step3. Select a proper Scan Mode to scan this corrupted camera memory card.
Step4. Preview the scanned information well and recover lost data to another memory card or storage device.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Here Are Useful Tips:

*Check the scanned pictures and files well before data recovery to see whether the used memory card data recovery utilities work for you case.
*Prepare another storage device to hold all restored camera videos and files in case of data recovery failures.
*The videos or very large files could be corrupted during the data loss processing and become irrecoverable. You may also need some video or file repairing tool to take chances.
*Save all precious photos, videos and files not only on one camera memory card in the future.

Possible Reasons behind Corrupted Camera SD Card or Memory Card

Digital camera SD card or memory card is able to be corrupted and cannot be accessed due to many reasons. And the following are the most critical ones for you:
1). Shut down digital camera before all pictures, videos and files are completely saved well on the inner used SD card.
2). Extract camera memory card without turning off digital camera at first.
3). Remove camera SD card out from a card Reader during data transferring.
4). Withdraw camera SD card out from computer without using safely removed hardware tool.
5). Remove camera storage card out from PC with files, songs and other data opened or used there.
6). Format camera SD card on a computer and also stop the formatting process rudely.
7). Use a SD card or memory card between different digital cameras.
8). Plug camera memory card to unsafe computers or machines.
To sum up, no matter what occurs to you, always calmly back up everything important on other storage devices, remove it out from your PC or camera safely and go repair it rightly.

Hello, friends! Have you searched any photo recovery software to scan this Transcend 16GB camera SD card and recover deleted pictures from SD card? Honestly, in your case, there is no doubt that your Canon 6D digital camera memory card is to be damaged by your sudden touching and shows a lots of files and folders whose file names looks like a code or something weird. But, that doesn’t indicate that this camera SD card is corrupted mechanically and cannot be repaired. Hence, do not rush to feel depressing and go download corrupted memory card data recovery tools to check whether your desired original Canon videos and files are still recoverable.

The Transcend SD Card Seems Damaged by Your Sudden Touching While Being Used

Generally, camera memory card is really easy to be logically or even physically damaged and bring people weird memory card problems due to sudden dropping, hitting, touching or removing while it is still in use on a computer for data transformation. And in your case, why your Canon camera SD card shows many files and folders with unusual names must be also caused by your sudden touching. Hence, no matter how badly this Canon Transcend SD card is corrupted now, you’d better learn a lesson not to touch or do anything else to your storage device when it is still working on your PC. And now, no matter what you have done to this camera storage card, go see whether camera card data recovery programs help to recover lost data back.

Please Note: If this Transcend SD card is blank and asks to format after being connected to a computer, you can go try SD card not formatted error recovery software.

download data recovery software

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