Recover PSD TIF JPG and CR2 Files from Damaged Seagate Internal HD

SD Card Asked to Be Reformatted. Help Please!

"Hello, all there! I recently have had a hard drive problem and need your help to recover files from a damaged Seagate Barracuda 2TB internal HD. In fact, this Seagate HD just damaged somehow and could not be detected effectively as before. And many of my PDF, TIF, JPG and CR2 (Canon camera photo format) files, which had been taken over 10 years, were lost and could not be accessed and used. Moreover, after I downloaded and installed a hard drive data recovery tool, nearly all restored Seagate hard drive are not able to be opened. Is there any mistake? I just follow the software instructions well and also save all the retrieved files to a new HD. How can I perform Windows 10 Seagate hard drive recovery right now? Do you have any suggestion? Thank you in advance!"

Hello, friends! From your description, it is not exactly sure whether this 2TB Seagate internal HD is logically or physically damaged. But, also do not worry! In your case, you can still go on trying more data recovery programs to see whether you can take your lost PSD, TIF, JPG, CR2 and more original files back. And, no matter which damaged Seagate drive file recovery tools you want to try, always stop adding new information to this drive.

Never Save PSD, TIF, JPG, CR2 and More Files to the Same Seagate HD

Is this 2TB internal hard drive listed in My Computer interface? How does it show in Disk Management? Do you receive any error message when you are trying to access your left drive files on your PC, like "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Honestly, in your situation, as long as your Seagate internal HD is not completely undetectable on your PC, it seems to be only logically damaged and often could be repaired with simple format. Hence, if you do find your hard drive shows in My Computer or Disk Management or receive the above mentioned not formatted error message, your drive is probably not damaged as badly as you think. Your original photos and files reserved inside are also able to be restored back with Seagate drive data recovery. But, before any successful data recovery process finished on your hard drive, you’d never save any new PSD, TIF, CR2, video, audio, message, document, movie and file to this Internal HD in case of worse data loss problems.

File Recovery from Logically Damaged Seagate Internal Hard Drive

Generally, provided that your Seagate HD is still recognizable, but, inaccessible on your computer, your drive often could be repairable and your wanted original drive contents are also able to be successfully taken back at the aid of proper hard drive file recovery software. Hence, if your internal hard drive is also logically damaged, end writing new files there and run damaged hard drive file recovery tools to rescue lost stuffs back. And in your case, merely go search and try several related data recovery programs and see which one of them is best for you.
And here are some detailed steps for you to take your lost photos and files back from logically damaged Seagate drive:

download data recovery software

Step1. Open your installed data recovery tool and choose a fixable data recovery mode there.

select recovery mode

Step2. Highlight the detected Seagate drive and perform a thorough scanning there.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the scanned documents and your wanted PSD, TIF, JPG and CR2 photos to see how many of them are still recoverable.
Step4. Retrieve the recoverable one to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

download data recovery software


*In order to choose a most proper tool of your drive, firstly use the trial or free versions of your selected data recovery tools.
*If this damaged Seagate HD could not be detected by your chosen data recovery software, go disconnect it or re-connect it to your PC with a USB to take chances.
*Also save the restored information to a new drive this time to avoid unwanted data recovery failures.

Physically Damaged Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

The logically damaged hard drive problems and the physically damaged hard drive problems generally are completely different. When your hard drive get damaged logically, it often means it may only have some problems caused by improper connection or extraction, virus infection, unsupported file system, improper format or reformat, etc. It often could be fixed after being formatted. But, when your hard drive get damaged physically, it often means your hard drive often cannot be properly detected or used on any computer due to bad sectors, surface errors, long-time use wears and even physical breaking, etc. And it is often also irrecoverable. And, any data recovery software out there is not absolutely sure that it could help recover all lost information from physically damaged drive. Merely let your chosen software to scan this damaged drive and get the good ones back as many as possible. Of course, if such software also recovers no original data back, go send it to a data recovery expert, shop or agency. And that is often your last chance and also costs a lot. So, unless you do have no extra storage devices or online storage, always save all important drive information on several drives or locations well in the future.

download data recovery software

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