Free to Recover Photos from Water Damaged iPhone

It is an unaffordable loss to drop your iPhone into water. iPhone is not waterproof, so it might cause irreversible damage to your iPhone after dropping it into water. Your iPhone might stop working due to water damage, in which situation you cannot access all photos, videos, music, emails, text messages, contact information, etc stored on your iPhone. Are you wondering if there is any free method to recover photos files from a water damaged iPhone which has stopped working normally? One the one hand, you can recover files from iPhone with iTunes backup or iCloud backup. And on the other hand, you can use data recovery for iPhone to extract all files from iTunes / iCloud backup when your iPhone cannot work anymore.

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What Should You Pay Attention to When iPhone Suffers Water Damage?

The reason why your iPhone stops working after water damage is that iPhone is not water resistant. Water damage might destroy the motherboard of your iPhone and lead it to stop working normally. Here is something you should pay attention to when your iPhone suffers water damage (it is not 100% useful to save your iPhone, but it might decrease the loss):

1. You should take your iPhone out of water as soon as possible.

2. Do not turn on your iPhone or charge it. You had better not try to turn on it before you are sure that there is no water in your iPhone.

3. You should avoid dry out your iPhone with your blower, instead; you can use towel to dry out the iPhone because blower might destroy the motherboard of your iPhone.

4. If your iPhone stops working normally due to water damage, you should avoid removing any component in the iPhone. You had better send it to professional iPhone repair shop to repair it.

Restore Water Damaged iPhone with Backup

When an iPhone suffers water damage, all important data on the iPhone might mean more to you. For other device like Android phone, memory card, flash drive, external hard drive, you may have no chance to recover lost data when the device is water damaged and stops working normally. However, for iPhone, you are able to recover lost files even when the iPhone can no longer work normally due to water damage. Apple provides backup application for iPhone users to backup their iPhone automatically or manually, so they can easily restore all lost files from backup even if iPhone is physically damaged after dropping into water.

Restore Water Damaged iPhone from iCloud Backup

iCloud is able to back up your iPhone without needing to connect the it to your computer. After set to backup your iPhone in iCloud, the iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone when the phone is connected to any network. If you lose data from iPhone due to water damage or any other reason, you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

Recover Data from iPhone with iTunes Backup after Water Damage

iTunes can backup your iPhone by connecting your iPhone to a computer that has the iTunes installed. iTunes can also automatically backup your iPhone as long as you connect it to the computer. Therefore, you can restore iPhone from iTunes backup too when it cannot work after water damage.

Free to Recover Files from Water Damaged iPhone with Data Recovery for iPhone

You mistakenly deleted iCloud backup or iTunes backup? If you want to recover photos lost from iPhone due to water damage when there is no iCloud / iTunes backup, data recovery for iPhone is your last chance. You can run data recovery for iPhone to scan the iCloud or iTunes to extract all deleted backups to another drive.

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