Recover Lost Movies When PC Tells Me to Reformat WD External Hard Drive

My Computer Tell Me to Reformat External Hard Drive

"Hello, is there anyone that can help me recover lost external drive movies? Honestly, about two days ago, I had copied some typical movies from some old DVDs with a 123 Copy Gold program and saved them all well on a 1TB WD USB portable hard drive. However, yesterday, this external hard drive just did not want to communicate with my PC after being inserting there and was telling me to reformat. But, I knew the reformatting process also would erase all my copied movies and files inside this WD external drive. That was really out of my original plan. Do you guys know any useful solutions for my case? Is it possible for me now to fully recover files from WD hard drive on my Windows 7 computer? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! Every year, there are always a number of persons who have found that they are asked to reformat their storage devices with many important or precious documents, movies, audios, mails and other files when these devices are malfunctioned due to unexpected " drive is not formatted", "drive RAW file system", "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives", drive virus infection and more drive problems. And fortunately, without data extra device data backups, most of them also have found they still get some data recovery programs to help them take lost device contents back. Hence, in your case, you are also able to download and apply related external hard drive file recovery tools to retrieve movies and files back.

Recover Lost Files from USB Hard Drive That Won’t Reformat

When your computer is telling you to reformat that WD external hard drive, honestly, your copied typical movies and other files inside this USB hard drive is not lost yet before you realty reformat it there. So, do not rush to perform any quick or full format on this external drive and take your time to choose a proper external hard drive not formatted recovery utility to retrieve your documents, films, music, messages and files back. Always take all possible elements into considerations before you make a decision at last, especially when you do need to pay for data recovery software.
Free download the data recovery software for WD Element and follow the guide below for Western Digital portable hard drive recovery:

download data recovery software

Step1: Download and launch free trial version of your desired data recovery tool.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select a fixable data recovery mode or file type mode based on your situations.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this WD USB hard drive and preview the scanned files.
Step4. Recover desired data to a different USB portable hard drive or storage devices.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Attention:

*Preview the scanned files and photos carefully to see whether you need to purchase a paid version for farther data recovery.
*Generally, the large files, like movies and audios, often cannot be previewed after a deep scan. You’d better check other documents, photos and files to see whether your used software works as effectively as you hope.
*Reformat this WD USB hard drive after smooth data recovery.

How to Format a Not Formatted Removable Hard Drive Safely?

When you do have rescued your desired movies and files to another device and also backed up them all well, you can go format this WD drive to resolve its not formatted error safely. Do you know how to do that? Merely go open My Computer window, right click this USB hard drive and choose "Format" option there. Of course, if you are get accustomed to perform a format by using Disk Management tools, also open this not formatted removable hard drive in Disk Management interface and right click it there to highlight "Format" option there, too. If necessary, the online device format tool also is able to help you out. Overall, always perform a format on this USB hard drive after you do have saved your recovered information well elsewhere. This is very important for you to avoid worse data loss problems for successfully format recovery from WD external.

Copy Your DVD Movies Back with That DVD Copy Software Again

Of course, if you think performing WD external drive file recovery processes are also troublesome for you, also do not worry. Open and run your 123 Copy Gold software to copy your desired movies from the DVDs again. What you are supposed to do is only plunge your DVDs to your PC again and re-copy them all one by one to your PC. And that could be time-consuming, especially when you do have to copy many very, very large video files there. And, as with the documents still left on this WD external hard drive, also do not lose heart. Go check all possible storage devices and computer hard drives to see whether you can find some original copies. That could be all you can try, if you really do not want to use a data recovery tool.

Please Note: No matter what happens again, data backups could be the best place for you to recover everything original back smoothly. So, you’d better make WD external hard drive data backups from now on.

download data recovery software

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