Recover LaCie 4TB Porsche Design USB Hard Drive Data after Shift Delete

Need Help to Rescue Shift Deleted Files from 4TB LaCie Porsche Design External Drive?

"Hello, everyone there! I have a 4TB LaCie Porsche Design USB hard drive that has been used on my computer for some movies and photos. However, last Friday, when I was working on deleting some documents off from this storage device for more free space, I just shift deleted several movie folders held inside this drive and lost them all without recovering anything deleted from Recycle Bin. I really didn’t know why I found nothing deleted from the Recycle Bin and also where these shift deleted video had gone. Do you know how to undelete external drive data after mistaken shift delete? Any helpful solution will be greatly appreciated here. Thanks!"

Hello, friends! In your case, the first thing for you now is to confirm whether you have saved or copied anything else to this 4TB LaCie external drive after that unexpected shift deleting operation. If you do have not done that yet, it is good news and many of your deleted drive photos, videos and other files may not lost permanently yet. Merely keep saving nothing new on this drive and go perform deleted file recovery processes there to see whether your wanted movies are still able to be restored and re-used smoothly. But, if you have added something else on this drive with deleted file loss troubles, also do not panic and start related deleted file recovery software to scan and take the recoverable original drive information back as much as possible.

Recover Files from LaCie USB Hard Drive Step by Step after Shift Delete

In this moment, no matter whether you have rewritten this LaCie Porsche Design USB hard drive or not, reserve no new data on this external drive and connect it to your computer with USB cable. And then, download deleted USB hard drive data recovery software to undelete LaCie external drive and check whether all your desired movies, photos and the likes are still recoverable.

And here are simple steps for you to recover your deleted 4TB LaCie USB hard drive files:

download data recovery software

Step1. Click the downloaded software to install and launch it well on your computer.

select recovery mode

Step2. Double click the installed software and choose a workable data recovery mode, like Deleted File Recovery mode.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the hard drive files, documents and other information after a deep scanning performed there.
Step4. Pay and recover your lost information to extra storage device, like another USB hard drive, pen drive and more.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Note:

*When the storage device scanning process is finished, go preview the scanned documents and files to see whether your running data recovery software can help recover your shift deleted data successfully.
*When you choose a related deleted file recovery tool searched online, go choose a free or paid one according to your own conditions.
*Prepare one or more storage devices to make important data backups in the future.

LaCie Drive Files Are Not Really Erased after Shift Delete

When you do have shift deleted your precious movies and photos instead of some unwanted ones, you feel really frustrating and reckon they all has been completely destroyed off from your LaCie USB hard drive? OK! No panic! Like many other data recovery software users after accidental delete or shift delete, your thought is also incorrect. In fact, after the common storage device deleting, shift deleting, formatting, reformatting or other data wiping process, your preferable original device information is not immediately erased and only has been edited with new saving paths and different names. In other words, it is only invisibly stored on your drive and are able to stay there well till you save new drive data to instead it all completely. Hence, before you rewrite your Lacie drive completely with new videos, files and documents, your drive data often will be recoverable at the aid of data recovery software.
Hence, scan your drive with data recovery software and see whether you can recover deleted files from USB HDD before you give up any hope of successful data recovery.
Please Note: If you lost your data due to mistaken format, reformat, format recovery software could help you a lot.

Retrieve LaCie Drive Information after Format, Reformat, Virus Infection or More Issues

The related external hard drive data recovery software also helps recover different types of deleted or lost information from your Lacie hard drives after format, reformat, virus infection, RAW file system errors and more device data loss issues. For example, when computer LaCie USB hard drive is asking: "The disk is not formatted Do you want to format it now…" you are supposed not to perform any farther operations, like drive formatting or rewriting processes there, and apply data recovery software to take the left drive contents back at first. And when your LaCie hard drive is virus infected, start antivirus software or format this drive to remove all possible threats and try to get lost drive information back as much as possible at the aid of data recovery software. And when your drive cannot be accessed properly due to RAW file system errors or other logical damages, you are supposed not to format it and go rescue your inaccessible files back by using data recovery tools firstly. Overall, no matter which type of hard drive problems you have been stuck in, always leave this drive alone for a while and go rescue your drive data with data recovery software.

download data recovery software

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