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Recover formatted flash card - iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro is fast and easy with format recovery wizard to recover your formatted flash card just with several clicks.

iCare Data Recovery Pro can take files back from formatted flash card. It supports to recover formatted flash card to recover various kinds of file type like files, folders, data, photos, videos, flash files, music files. You can scan formatted sd card and prview lost files before register the program.


Tutorial: How to Recover Formatted Flash Card?

When recovering formatted flash card, you need to download iCare Data Recovery Pro; plugin flash drive onto your PC as an external drive. Run iCare recovery program to search files.

Step1: Download iCare Data Recovery. Connect your formatted flash card on your computer. It will be recognize as an external drive in your PC. Install and run iCare Data Recovery. And you will see a screen with many options of recovery and go to a proper recovery option.

recover lost data

Step2: Select the flash drive which was recognised as external drive and then click "Recover" to search files.
wait while scanning lost data

Step3. Be free to click "Show Files" which would list your lost files from your flash card. After clicking "show files", there will be a list of lost formatted files.
preview lost files

You may preview your lost files.

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Formatted Flash Card - Get Files Back

USB flash card is used in flash drive which consists of a NAND type "flash memory". It is integrated with a USB interface but to store many kind of files. USB flash card is the place of storage and is often used as portable device. When your flash card was formatted, all the files on the flash drive became unavailable and was often seen as a blank place to receive new data. However the data which was not seen, can be accessed with special tool like a recovery software.

Despite easy to store files and convinient to take, USB flash card could suffer accidental deletion of files (human error), corruption with the file system that manages the data on the flash drive, and many other reasons, which may contribute to a logical crash.

Restore Photos off Formatted Memory Card in Android

iCare Data Recovery software is compatible with different types of memory card such as SD, XD, CF, etc. You can use the software to recover photos off formatted memory card in Android, digital camera and other device when SD card is not readalbe, CF card is corrupted, XD card is not recognized...

Why can iCare Data Recovery Pro recover formatted flash card?

Formatting a flash card does not mean the data was removed, but only to mark the drive as new and empty room to accept new files. iCare Data Recovery is speciallized in format recovery and has helped thousands of customers suffering format drive from data loss.

How to recover pictures / videos off a memory card when you encounter the same data loss problem like above? You can also use iCare Data Recovery software. The software enables you to recover files from SD card, XD card, CF card and other types of memory card.

With affordable price, we guarentee your recovery with 30 days money back. Why not have a try?

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