Recover Files form RAID on Windows 10

It is an annoyance for many people to recover files from RAID array on Windows 10 because they do not have any experience. RAID array created by hard disk drives, but it is more difficult to recover data from RAID array than data recovery from hard drive. Usually, files might be permanently lost from a RAID array on Windows 10 due to different reasons like mistakenly delete files from RAID array on Windows 10, accidentally format RAID on Windows 10 or Windows 10 OS reports error message when you attempt to access data from the RAID array.

Windows 10 RAID Data Recovery Software Download

If any file got lost from RAID array on Windows 10, you can free download iCare Data Recovery to install on your computer and get back lost files. This software is able to recover permanently deleted files on Windows 10 RAID array in all data loss situations.

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The software works on Windows 10 operating system to deep scan the RAID array to search lost files and allows you to preview files before recovering.

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Recover Files from RAID 0 Windows 10

You probably create RAID 0 array on Windows 10 OS by adding two hard drives at least. Since RAID 0 array does not have data redundancy, data is easily to be lost from RAID 0 array due to deleting, formatting or other reasons like RAID 0 array is corrupted or failed on Windows 10. You may rebuild RAID 0 array when it is corrupted on Windows 10, but all data will be lost permanently after rebuilding. If you only want to recover data from RAID 0 array on Windows 10, you have no need to rebuild the array. Instead, you can run the data recovery software to recover deleted files from formatted or corrupted RAID 0 array on Windows 10.

RAID 1 Data Recovery on Windows 10

Similar to RAID 0 array, you also need to use two hard disk drive at least to crate a RAID 1. If files were lost from RAID 1 array due to human mistake like deletion or formatting, it is usually easy to get back lost files because the data was not completely erased from the array. If RAID 1 is corrupted since on or more hard drive is corrupted, it might be little difficult to recover lost files. Especially, if you are unable to access the RAID 1 array because Windows 10 says the array is corrupted. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover data from RAID 1 array when you run into data loss problem on Windows 10 due to any reason.

Windows 10 RAID 5 File Recovery

RAID 5 array is most widely used by computer users. Usually, you need to add 3 same hard drives at least in order to crate RAID 5 array. One advantage of RAID 5 is that data will not be lost if only hard drive gets corrupted. However, if two or more hard drives were corrupted, files will still be lost from RAID 5 array. If you create RAID 5 on Windows 10 and lose any data due to whatever reasons, you can use iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery without creating the array.

All Situations for RAID Data Recovery on Windows 10

You can create any type of array on Windows 10 operating system, such as RAID 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, etc. Simply, reasons for data loss from RAID array on Windows 10 or any other operating system are the same. iCare Data Recovery is a Windows data recovery program, which is able to resolve data loss problem on any RAID array on Windows 10 due to any reason:

Possible Reasons for RAID Array Failure on Windows 10

Although RAID array provides a safe solution for data storage, it will be huge data loss if RAID array is corrupted. Here are some possible reasons for RAID array failure on Windows 10:

1. RAID array is infected with virus on Windows 10. Usually, when a RAID array is attacked by any virus, it might corrupt the files stored on the array.

2. The hard drive created for RAID array contains bad sectors on Windows 10. As you know, RAID array is set up by several hard drives. If hard drive contains too many bad sectors, the RAID array might be corrupted and stop working normally.

3. RAID controller fails in RAID array on Windows 10. In this situation, you will be unable to access any data from the RAID array.

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