Recover Files from Junk Drive That Gives Me a Need to Format Message

16GB Jump Drive Gave Me a Need to Format Message. How to Rescue USB Drive Files?

"Hello, everyone there! I have a 16GB USB junk drive that has been used to store some business PPT, Word and Excel files, music and other information and transfer them all from one of my computers to another. However, this morning, while enjoying some songs saved inside this USB flash drive on my notebook, it was dropped to the ground and kept giving me a need to format message whenever I tried to access anything inside. Honestly, I did have followed some instructions searched over the internet and tried to recover my files from USB flash drive asking to format on my Windows 7 computer. However, though I could see most of my original USB drive data listed there, also get a File cannot be opened and files are corrupted error message when I tried to click the shown data. When trying this flash drive on another computer, it also gave me the same message. What can I do to fix this flash drive not formatted error problem? How can I rescue my USB flash drive files back? Thanks!"

Hello, friends! Since your 16GB USB junk drive is not properly ejected out from your notebook, it is probably logically damaged due to that sudden dropping. That’s also why you are given a need to format message. But, that doesn’t mean your flash drive files are all irrecoverable permanently. Merely stop writing data on this not formatted USB drive and go take lost files back with not formatted error recovery software before format.

Do Worry! A Need to Format Message Problem Occurs to People Occasionally!

When trying to open this 16GB USB flash drive and access the inner PPT, Word or Excel files, music and more contents, just find this flash drive gives error message saying: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" or "You need to format the disk in drive … before you can use it."? But, since you do really worry about the important original data left inside, you just cannot format this USB drive to make everything lost forever? OK! Such a need to format error message problem occurs to people occasionally and does not always indicate that you do have to perform a format on your flash drive or other storage devices before data recovery. Oppositely, in case of causing worse flash drive file loss issues, you are supposed to rescue your precious documents, songs, videos and more files our before any format. Moreover, such flash drive not formatted error problems often happens to the drive owners after their storage devices is virus attacked, get unsupported file system errors, suddenly dropped, hit or shocked and more issues. Hence, always safely and rightly use and operate your jump drive in the future.

Recover USB Flash Drive Files with USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Software

This time, even though your 16GB USB flash drive becomes not formatted due to that sudden dropping, the left USB drive data is not completely damaged as you think. Honestly, when a storage device gets the related a need to format message problem, the reserved device files are often still saved well on the same storage device as long as it is not rewritten yet. Hence, before your thumb drive is completely overwritten by new information, go download USB flash drive data recovery software to rescue your desired documents, files and audios back.
Here are several steps for you to take lost data back with ease:

download data recovery software

Step1. Start your PC and install the downloaded flash drive data recovery software well there.

select recovery mode

Step2. Follow software guidance to choose a fixable data recovery mode according to your own case.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the scanned documents and files to see whether most of your data is able to be restored back.
Step4. Recover wanted files to another flash drive, external drive or storage device in case.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Note:

*If you do have saved new files on this flash drive after receiving that need to format message, immediately stop using this drive and perform data recovery processes there to take the recoverable data back as much as possible.
*If you are not sure which one of the found data recovery tools can work perfectly for your case, merely go try its trial version or free version to check its data recovery efficiency at first. 
*If you format this USB drive at first, select format recovery software and follow the similar data recovery steps to go on.
*If you do have enough free storage devices, go save important flash drive data on two or more devices for backing up. Without no extra storage devices, also go get some online storage to hold drive data backups well all the time.

Files Corrupted in Advance Often Cannot Be Restore with Data Recovery Technologies

From your description, you do have mentioned: "get a File cannot be opened and files are corrupted error message when I tried to click the shown data". Have you figured out why you get such error message? Honestly, in daily use, in order to some improper operations, like unsafely drive extracting, dropping or hitting, incorrectly file deleting or etc, the stored flash drive files are also able to be corrupted and become irrecoverable. Hence, in your case, these files, which cannot be opened or seem to be corrupted, also possibly have been damaged seriously before the drive not formatted error. That’s also one of the possible reasons why you cannot take them back with data recovery software. Why? The common data recovery software often is able to take deleted or lost information since the original device data is not really destroyed as we think after deleting, formatting or other data losing operating and still saved invisibly there only. Hence, when you preview some documents and find them corrupted, do not rush to suspect or discard the data recovery immediately. Merely check these scanned files carefully and see how much of your original flash drive data is still recoverable. Overall, always choose the data recovery tool that can help retrieve most or even all of your desired original drive data.

In a word, when a drive shows not formatted error message, the first step is to recover data. If you mistakenly format the drive before data recovery, the final chance for data recovery is to stop writing new data to the formatted drive. iCare Data Recovery is going to help quick format recovery and full format recovery.

download data recovery software

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