Recover Files from Hard Drive Showing You Need to Format Disk Error

You Need to Format the Disk before You Can Use It Error Problem

"Hello, everyone there! I have a WD 500GB hard drive and a Seagate 1TB Desktop hard drive used on my computer for common use. However, recently, I just get an error message saying that you need to format the disk before you can use it. Do you want to format it now… whenever I try to access the 1TB Seagate hard drive. And I have used different laptops and try to read this hard drive to get the same Seagate hard drive not formatted error. Do you know what’s going on there? Moreover, after applying several hard drive not formatted error recovery tools, I just find many files and folders become RAW and many of them seems to have the similar names. And most of them could not be opened well. But, I am unable to format this hard disk and lose the inners held PPT documents, Word files, films and more information. Do you have any idea to recover files from this not formatted Seagate hard drive? Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks!"

Hello, friends! What exactly you do have done to this Seagate hard drive that needs to be formatted? Have overwritten it with any new document, video or other contents? And how do you plan to cope with the restored drive information with similar names? Honestly, in your case, some effective hard drive not formatted error recovery software is really highly recommended to help you take your precious documents, songs, films, videos and more back before you format this hard drive. Merely continue reading this article to learn more details.

Click Cancel or No Option to Remove Not Formatted Error Message before Data Recovery

Honestly, from your description, you do have left many important PPT documents, World files, films and more contents there, you are supposed not to follow the Windows not formatted error message and format your 1TB Seagate hard drive before any data recovery process. Hence, no matter what you have done to this hard drive, when you are asking to format this drive again on your PC, merely click the "Cancel" or "No" option to remove the get rid of the troublesome error messages popping out and go see whether the related hard drive data recovery software could help get your wanted information back with ease and success.

Please Note: You are forbidden to save or move anything else to this unformatted Seagate hard drive before any data recovery in case of any worse data loss issue.

Recover Files from Hard Disk Showing Disk Format Error with Hard Drive Recovery Software

Generally, no matter which type of hard drive not formatted error messages you have received, like "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" or "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" your computer hard disk seems not to be physically damaged and the inner stored contents could be restored back before they are replaced completely by new information written on the same Seagate hard drive. Hence, no matter what you have done to this drive since then, stop doing anything else to it and start hard drive data recovery software to scan this Seagate drive and retrieve the original contents as you wish.
And here are simple steps for you to get lost information back:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and install data recovery software on your WD hard drive, not this Seagate hard drive with not formatted error.

select recovery mode

Step2. Double click the software icon to run it and choose a proper file recovery mode.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this not formatted Seagate 1TB hard drive and check the scanning documents.
Step4. Recover lost drive information to the WD hard drive or other storage devices in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

If you mistakenly format the hard drive that shows the error message, iCare Data Recovery also enables you to recover data before writing new data. This software provides solution for accidental quick format recovery or full format recovery when the drive turns to RAW asking to be formatted.

download data recovery software

Please Note:

*The already applied data recovery tools that have restored many files with similar names may not be right choices for you. Merely go choose another one to take chances.
*This time, go try the free trial versions of different data recovery programs to evaluate whether they are workable for you before any purchase.
*Before or after the data recovery, always save nothing new on the same storage device to avoid data recovery failures.
*Save your PPT files, Word files, movies, audios and more important contents on two or more storage devices in the future no matter what happens to you, urgently or accidentally.

Computer Hard Drive Not Formatted Error and RAW File System Error?

Do you still find your 1TB Seagate hard drive is also changed into RAW file system when this hard drive asks you to format? No worry! In many cases, such computer hard drive not formatted error issues are connected with hard drive RAW file system error problems. Why? When the file system type of your hard drive becomes RAW, not the common NTFS or FAT type, the computer Windows OS often will recognize your this drive well unless you perform a formatting process there to restore the common NTFS or FAT file system type back. That’s also why you get a hard drive not formatted error message when this drive is in RAW file system. But, that doesn’t mean you do have a RAW file system when you are asked to format the drive in all cases. The RAW file system error is only one of the reasons behind hard drive not formatted error problems. However, no matter whether your hard drive gets a not formatted error or RAW file system error, you are supposed not to format hard drive immediately before you take everything wanted back. Hence, always keep the RAW or not formatted hard drive alone before you perform data recovery processes there.

Please Note: As with RAW hard disk data loss troubles, hard drive RAW file system recovery software is your chance to rescue inaccessible files back before format.

download data recovery software

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