Recover Extremely Important Files from HD That Crashed and Now Was RAW

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HD Recently Crashed & Now Was RAW. How to Recover Important HD Data?

"Hello, I am trying to retrieve some extremely important data files from a HD that recently crashed and now is RAW. In fact, after scanning this HD with damaged HD data recovery software searched online, the found files are all generic files, like Microsoft PowerPoint files, PDF files, BMP files and more. How do I change the output to scan and detect more files stored inside this HD? Honestly, last time when I did something to this hard disk, it has basically showed many other types of files, like some doc files, xml files and jpeg files, etc, not only these scanned generic files. Are there instructions that would help me recover lost data from crashed RAW HD easier? Thank you!"

Hello, friends! You just have applied the searched data recovery software to scan your HD which recently crashes and becomes RAW and only find some PPT, PDT or BMP files still stored inside, not all desired original files? Really need some data recovery helps to retrieve your desired doc, xml and jpeg files as well? OK! That is not difficult to recover lost data from crashed RAW HD. Go read this:

Recover Extremely Important Files from Crashed RAW HD with HD Data Recovery Software

From your description, after running a data recovery tool on that crashed HD, you do have previewed some original PPT, PDF and BMP files, right? OK! That means that your RAW HD is not really crashed and becomes irrecoverable. In order to scan and recover much more your previous hard disk files, like your preferable doc, doc, xml and jpeg files, etc, you’d better perform a deep scanning process on that RAW file system HD with the help of your installed data recovery software or choose another effective RAW file system hard drive data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to thoroughly scan it again. And then, preview and check the software scanning results to see whether your desired original files are found and recoverable there.

Please Note: No matter how bad your HD state is now, do not move anything new to this RAW hard disk in case of data recovery failures.

Convert RAW HD into NTFS after Data Recovery

You do have patiently done a thorough scanning process on that RAW file system drive with your applied data recovery software or another reliable hard disk RAW file system recovery tool? How about the data recovery results? Have taken nearly all your wanted original PPT, PDF, BMP, DOC, XML and JPEG files? If so, back up these restored HD contents to other USB hard disks, flash drives, CDs or online storage in case of data recovery failures. And then, format this hard disk to convert raw to ntfs on external hdd smoothly. And then, as long as this drive is not seriously damaged, like having too many bad sectors, you are possible to use this HD to store your computer data for a long time. 

Why Do You Think Your HD Crashes? 

Why do you think your HD crashes? What symptoms make you think your HD is seriously damaged?

1).The already connected HD shows nowhere on your PC?
After inserting your HD to your computer motherboard, you just find your HD cannot be found anywhere, including the Disk Management or Properties window? Ok! If so, your HD may be connected incorrectly. That doesn’t mean your HD is seriously damaged and needs to be replaced.

2).The computer HD is detected as RAW file system on your computer?
The computer HD RAW file system often means your HD is only in a state that your computer cannot recognize. That doesn’t indicate your HD gets some serious mechanical damages.

3).The computer HD is asking you to format whenever you try to open it?

OK! A computer HD is able to ask you to format since your drive is virus infected, improperly extracted off from PC, gets unsupported file system errors or damaged due to computer sudden power loss or crashing. But, that doesn’t always indicate that your HD is crashed unexpectedly.

Please Note: When computer reports: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?", you can easily go get the previous computer drive data with computer HD not formatted error recovery software before any format.

4). Computer CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives?
When your computer gets RAW file system error, you do get such "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives" error messages when you are running CHKDSK to test it.
5). This HD cannot be recognized on any computer?
If you do have tried your hard disk on several computers and find it even cannot be recognized on any computer. OK! If so, your hard disk must be corrupted seriously. Go ask some data recovery companies for data recovery helps.

Common Steps to Cope with Possibly Crashed Hard Disk

No matter why your RAW file system HD is really crashed or not, here are common steps for you to cope with such possibly crashed hard disk problems: 

Step1. Extract HD data to other storage devices, if it is possible.
No matter what has happened to this hard disk, in case of worse data loss troubles, it is necessary to see whether it is possible for you to extract everything important to another storage device.

Step2. Disconnect HD to make it recognizable again.
In order to recover your HD data, it is often necessary to let your PC read your connected HD functionally. Hence, in your case, merely disconnect your HD and re-connect it there to see whether it can be read functionally there. Of course, in case of some loose or faulty hard disk connection issues, you also can go try this drive with other USB cables or on other computers to take chances.

Step3. Rescue HD data with Hard Disk Data Recovery Software
Till now, when your computer HD is really recognized by your computer and also is still inaccessible due to some RAW file system error, not formatted error, virus attacking issues or logical damage problems, etc, you’d better firstly rescue your preferable HD contents with data recovery software and then, find ways to repair it.

Step4. Test and Repair crashed HD with professional hard disk tools.
The computer HD could becomes RAW and possibly crashes due to many hard disk problems, like bad sectors, you’d better test it with CHKDSISK or some HD diagnostic software to see whether it is still repairable.

Step5. Discard mechanically damaged hard disk and purchase a new one.
If this hard disk is really mechanically damaged and your left hard disk data is also not able to be restored even with the help of some professional data recovery companies or agencies, your drive must be failed permanently. You’d better purchase a new one to replace it and also learn lesson to create hard disk data backups well in the future.

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