Recover Deleted WAV Files from USB Stick

USB Stick WAV Files Are Accidentally Deleted with Shift Delete

"Hello! Recently, when listening to some WAV files on my Acer computer (which has Windows XP operating system used), I just accidentally deleted several WAV files from a 32GB USB stick there with shift delete. I do have tried several trial versions of searched deleted file recovery programs to undelete USB flash drive files, managed to do a Windows XP permanently deleted file recovery there and only get some unrecognizable files. Honestly, I am really able to see many details of these deleted files, like name, type, size, created data and more. But, none of them could be read on my PC. Do you have any idea to recover deleted files from USB stick drive? Thank you very much!"

Hello, friends! Generally, the chances of restoring files deleted from USB flash drive often are not as slim as you think as long as these shift deleted storage device contents are not corrupted by the deleting process or any latter drive rewriting process. And, in your case, you’d better end doing anything else to this 32GB USB drive and go try USB drive undelete freeware to take chances.

Deleted WAV File Recovery from USB Flash Drive

When some very important files, like your WAV audio files, are shift deleted by mistake, you are often suggested to try two most promising ways to get lost data back with success. Firstly, go check your USB stick file backups and copy them all back as many as possible. But, if you do have saved no data backups on other storage devices or locations, deleted file recovery programs really helps a lot in taking deleted stuffs back. So, in your case, no matter how badly your data recovery results till now, you’d better select and download another effective USB flash drive recovery utilities to thoroughly scan your USB drive with deleted data loss issues and find all possible recoverable information back.
And here are main steps to recover deleted files off USB drive:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download deleted WAV file recovery software to your PC and highlight a proper data recovery mode after launching it well on your Acer computer.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose this 32GB flash drive with WAV file deleted problems and start to scan it thoroughly.

wait while scanning

Step3. Click the desired files to preview and see whether it helps scan all or most of your wanted information smoothly.
Step4. Recover deleted data to computer Local disks or external hard drives in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Notice:

*Use free or trial version to preview the scanned USB stick information to see whether it is necessary for you.
*Use another storage device to hold all retrieved WAV or other files after data recovery.
*Save critical flash drive documents, videos, audios and more information on more storage devices or online storage in the future.

Retrieve Audios, Documents, Films and Other Files from USB Drive after Delete

Deleted USB drive file recovery software searched over the internet often is designed to help people get deleted files back as many as possible no matter what type of deleted file loss troubles you do have been stuck in. In other words, this time, you do have retrieved flash drive files back after shift delete. Next time, when you mistakenly deleted documents from PC Recycle Bin, it is also workable to recover file deleted from Recycle Bin. When you unintentionally wiped or erased entire thumb drive without data backups, it also can help you out. Moreover, in some cases, such data recovery software also contribute a lot to get lost data from not formatted USB stick, RAW format USB flash drive and the likes. Hence, do not rush to delete or uninstall such deleted file recovery software off from your PC or computer when you do have recovered deleted WAV files back. Of course, data backups are also supposed to be made all the time in the future.

Read More Tips and Warnings to Use USB Stick Safely

In daily use, except accidental delete or shift delete, there are also many other causes that could bring USB stick drive users data loss troubles. In order to keep your very important songs, files, movies, pictures, mails, messages and more data away from deleting or losing unexpectedly, you are supposed to keep some tips and warning well in mind from now on:
*Stop formatting or overwriting USB thumb drive with unformatted error, RAW file system error or other logical damages.
*Download and save no unsafe or suspicious files, programs, folders and processes on your pen drive.
*Scan your flash drive with antivirus software every time when you use it on your computer or other machines.
*Never remove it out from your PC or computer when there is still a file, game or process opened or used.
*Format or reformat your USB pen drive when you do extract everything critical out.
*Always leave enough free space on your flash drive to avoid some troublesome drive problems.

iCare Data Recovery is available for pen drive recovery free when you run into data loss problem due to any reason.

download data recovery software

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