Recover Deleted Photos Videos Music from iPhone

You may delete photos, videos, music or other types of files from your iPhone device due to different reasons. Any file can be deleted from an iPhone easily, but it becomes difficult when you want to undelete those mistakenly deleted files. What you might know is to restore your iPhone from iTunes / iCloud backup, but do you know solution for data recovery for iPhone without any backup?

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How to Delete Files from iPhone?

You may delete files from an iPhone by accident or on purpose. Here are possible methods to delete pictures, videos or music from an iPhone:

1. Deleting photos from iPhone directly

You can delete photos from an iPhone directly by opening the "Photo". After opening "Photo", you can click the photo you want to delete and then click "Trashcan" icon to delete the selected photo. You can also delete lots of photos or all photos from your iPhone by following the guide: launch the "Photo" App > click "Camera Roll" and click the "Select" option on the upper-right corner > select the photos you want to delete and then click the "Trashcan" icon > click "Delete photos" to confirm to delete all selected photos.

delete selected photos

2. Delete all music from iPhone

You can delete all music from an iPhone by following the guide: click "Settings" > "General" > "Usage" > click the symbol of the "All Music" and then click "Delete" button and then wait the delete to be completed.

delete music iphone

3. Delete camera roll to remove photos, music and videos

You can also delete camera roll on iPhone to delete all photos stored in "Camera Roll" by following: launch "Photo" App > click "Album" > click the "Camera Roll" and then click "Edit" icon on the upper-right corner > confirm to delete the camera roll so as to delete the videos, music and photos

delete camera roll

4. Delete pictures iPhone on Mac

You can delete pictures, videos and music from iPhone on Mac by follow the guide: connect the iPhone to Mac via a USB cable > run "Image Capture" > select all pictures in the "Image Capture" and then click the delete button to delete all selected photos > confirm the deletion for all selected pictures.

delete iphone photos from image capture

In a word, you can delete videos, music, images from an iPhone without different methods. Then, is there any solution for undelete files from iPhone?

Restore Deleted Images, Music, Videos from iPhone with Backup

For different iPhone, you may have different solutions for data recovery from iPhone. You can rescue files after delete from any type of iPhone if you have a backup:

1. Restore deleted images, music and videos from iPhone with iTunes backup

iTunes is a common solution for iPhone device backup, so you can restore your iPhone SE, 6 plus, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3G, 3GS, etc from iTunes backup if you backup your iPhone with iTunes. Follow the guide to recover files from iPhone with iTunes backup: connect the iPhone to your computer which has an iTunes being installed > launch the iTunes and select the iPhone device > click "Restore Backup" button

restore iphone from itunes backup

2. Retrieve iPhone files after deleting by iCloud backup

You can also retrieve files from iPhone with iCloud backup: click "Settings > "General" > "Erase All Content and Settings > click "Restore from iCloud backup > sign in with an Apple ID > choose the backups you need to restore

restore iphone from icloud backup

Recover Files after Deleting from iPhone without iTunes / iCloud Backup

If you need to recover files from iPhone without iTunes backup or iCloud backup, you can try following methods:

1. Rescue recently images and videos from iPhone without any backup

You can rescue recently deleted images and videos from an iPhone without any backup. This is usually available on iPhone that runs iOS 8 and later iOS version. You just need to run "Photos" App on iPhone and then click "Album" > click "Recently Deleted" and then it will show all images and videos deleted within 30 days > select the files you want to recover and then click "Recover"

recover recently pictures

2. Reclaim music, pictures, videos, documents, text messages, etc from iPhone with software

When you fail to get back lost photos, videos and music from iPhone with all methods above, you can use data recovery for iPhone to reclaim all kinds of files from any type of iPhone device.

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