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USB deleted file recovery

Is it possible to retrieve deleted data from usb flash drive if the deletion was done by mistake? We have observed some users looking for recovery help on forum, and one of them looks like,

"Hello, can you recover deleted files from usb thmub drive using command line? I mistakenly deleted important information on my thumb stick and I am wondering how to recover those deleted data with Windows command prompt? Can anyone show me the steps?"

[Tutorial] How to Recover Deleted Files Using CMD in Simple Steps:

Step 1: Run CMD.exe/ 

run cmd in windows
run cmd to recover deleted files

Open Accessories Select Command prompt

open cmd window

Step 2: Type recover drive name:\  press enter

Don’t know anything about command prompt? Here is a simple solution in a much simple and easier way.

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Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk.


recover [Drive:][Path] FileName

[ Drive : ][ Path ] FileName   : This is to specify the usb and file name if you know to recover.

/?   : Displays help if you do not know how to move on.


The recover command reads a file sector by sector and recovers data from the good sectors. Data in bad sectors is lost.

Limitation on [drive:][path]filename

You cannot use wildcards (* and ?) with the recover command. You must specify a file.

Reentering lost data

Because all data in bad sectors is lost when you recover a file, you should recover files one at a time. You can use this method to edit each file and reenter missing information after you recover the file.

Recovering bad sectors

Bad sectors reported by chkdsk were marked as "bad" when your disk was first prepared for operation. They pose no danger, and recover does not affect them.


To recover the file Story.txt in the \Fiction directory in drive D:, type:

recover d:\fiction\story.txt

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recover files
Select deleted files for recovery

Article updated on 1/17/2018

Used most often, USB known as flash drive is commonly used as storage unit for keeping all sorts of data such as documents, photos, or for transferring files from one to another, or for communication purposes and such.
Development of usb, started from 1994, it meant to replace multitude of connector for easier communication between computers and external devices.

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