Recover Deleted Files from Sony External Hard Drive

"How do I recover deleted files from Sony external hard drive? I deleted some files from my Sony external HDD on my Windows XP computer, but I have not gotten a useful solution for the Sony external hard drive deleted file recovery. I will be grateful if anyone can tell me the method to get back lost files from my Sony external hard drive."

"I need to use external hard drive data recovery software to restore deleted files off my Sony portable hard drive. Can somebody recommend any useful software?"

"Is it possible to rescue lost files after formatting external hard drive by mistake? I connected my Sony removable hard drive to my PC for data transferring, but I erased everything on the removable HDD due to mistaken formatting. I need all deleted files, so I hope somebody can tell me what to do to get back the lost files."

"I deleted several photos on my Sony USB hard drive last week, but system reports external drive is not formatted when I plugged it to my computer to perform data recovery. Probably, my Sony USB HDD is corrupted. I am not sure what happened, but I am wondering if there is any way to retrieve deleted files from Sony USB hard drive when it says not formatted error."

Sony External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Mistakenly deleted important files off your Sony external HDD? Failed to locate the deleted data in computer’s recycle bin? Wondering if you can restore the accidentally deleted files? Although you cannot restore deleted files from recycle bin, you can retrieve deleted data by using iCare Data Recovery. This data recovery software has the function of recovering deleted files including photos, videos, music, documents, emails, etc from your Sony USB hard drive.

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Steps to Rescue Deleted Files off Sony Portable Hard Drive

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the Sony portable hard drive to your computer and run the software.

Step1. Select a proper scan mode after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Sony portable hard drive and wait the software to scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the found files after scanning and then save the files you need.

preview found photo

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Why Can You Recover Deleted Files from Sony Removable HDD?

One of the most common situations for removable hard drive data is mistaken deletion. When you deleted files from your Sony removable HDD by accident, system will mark the disk space as empty and prepare it for new data storage. The deleted files are recoverable as long as you do not write new data to the Sony removable hard drive, so you are able to undelete external hard drive files with data recovery software.

The Bottom Line for Recovering Deleted Files from Sony USB Hard Drive

It is possible to recover deleted files from USB hard drive of Sony by using iCare Data Recovery. In order to recover all lost files, you need to pay attention not to overwrite the original data and protect the Sony USB HDD from being physically damaged. iCare Data Recovery enables you to restore deleted files from Sony external hard drive and other types of Sony devices such as digital camera, memory card and more. This software is a read-only tool, which helps recovering data without hurting the original data. Free download the software now.

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