How to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Stick?

How to Get Your Deleted Files Back from Pen Stick?

Have you ever tried to recover deleted pen stick files after emptying computer Recycle Bin by chance? Have you ever tried to rescue your pen drive files after deleting something unintentionally? Or have you ever tried to retrieve files deleted off from USB drive after performing shit deleting processes there? What have you done to take the deleted USB flash drive files back at last? Copying them all back straightly from pen stick file backups stored on other flash drives, USB hard disks or storage medium?  Or merely select and run a deleted file recovery program to get lost flash drive files back? All right! No matter how you cope with your pen stick deleted data loss troubles, in such cases, the deleted flash drive data recovery software really works in getting deleted files back. Hence, before writing or transferring any new information to this pen stick, go recover files deleted from pen drive with flash drive deleted file recovery software.

Pen Stick File Recovery Processes after Mistake Accidental Deletion or Shift Deletion

After you delete your files and folders off from this pen stick by mistake, your original files will only be marked as "wiped" so that the space that these deleted files occupy could be available for newly coming data. However, the original pen stick contents are still remained there till they are overwritten by fresh flash drive data. Therefore, before your pen drive data is really gone for newly written data, go recover deleted files with deleted USB flash drive data recovery software. Still worry about whether you can use the selected data recovery software rightly to recover deleted pen stick data back? This tool can help you to recover the data even when the pen drive not working.

No worry! Here are the pen stick file recovery processes for you:

download data recovery software

Step1. Connect PC internet to choose a reliable deleted file recovery tool searched online and install it on your PC after downloading.

select recovery mode

Step2. Run this pen stick data recovery software to choose a fixable data recovery mode from listed ones.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this attached pen stick to delete all recognizable original drive files and preview recoverable ones out from others.

preview found photo

Step4. Recover those deleted files that you want to recover and save them to your PC partitions or removable hard disk.

Pay Attention:

*Adding new data on this pen stick with deleted data loss troubles is not suggested after mistaken deletion or shift deletion.
* Previewing scanned pen drive files and photos are also helpful to check whether the installed data recovery software is really worth trying and paying.
*Vow the wonderful data recovery results after you’ve back up all restored stuffs on different storage devices.

What You Can Do to Avoid Losing Data by Mistaken Deletion or Shift Deletion?

Like common deleting processes, the shift deleting process is also another way for people to erase something important or precious off from flash drives. However, no matter why or how you delete your pen stick contents, as long as you remember two tips in mind all the time, you often can avoids many related flash drive deleted data loss troubles. Firstly, save and update everything important on different drives or devices in the future. The data backups always help avoid many data recovery troubles. And secondly, before really starting the deletion or shift deletion operations, remind yourself to double check the chosen files and folders to see whether you are going to erase something useful. In this way, you often will wipe crucial flash drive data again.

Related USB Pen Drive Deleted Data Loss Cases:

Case1. Hello! This mooring, I attempted to delete several files and somehow deleted everything inside my 4GB SanDisk flash drive instead. However, most of these deleted flash drive files were still valuable for me. Is there any miracle for me to recover lost pen stick files after deleting? How to recover deleted files from pen stick using cmd?

Case2. This Monday, I had deleted several folders off from my Toshiba USB flash drive and emptied my Windows 7 laptop Recycle Bin. However, about four days latter, my girl friend said his game folder was also deleted by me and nothing could be found back from the Recycle Bin. Do you know where these deleted files go? Do I still get chance to recover files deleted or lost from this flash drive or computer Recycle Bin? Any data recovery advice to undelete pen drive files? 

Case3. Is it possible to recover deleted data from USB flash drive after using Cleanup tool there? I merely run that PC Cleanup tool on this pen stick so that I can have free space as much as possible to restore new data. However, the software also wipes a couple of photo folders that I have stored there and forget to back them up on my WD external drive. Can I still get deleted photos back from this USB drive after cleaning it up? Please let me know the data recovery details as soon as possible! Thank you very much!

With iCare Data Recovery Pro Free Edition, you are able to recover deleted files when usb flash drive not showing up, formatted, reports not formatted error/raw file system, etc.

download data recovery software

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