Recover Deleted Files from Memorex External Hard Drive

"I want to recover deleted files from Memorex external hard drive, but I failed to find the deleted data in recycle bin. So I need to use other method to restore deleted files from my Memorex external hard drive. Can anybody introduce a good way?"

"I deleted files from my Memorex portable hard drive because I carelessly pressed Delete button on keyboard. I deleted some family photos and videos which are very important to me. I did not backup those files before deleting them, so is it possible to recover deleted files from portable hard drive?"

"Can I retrieve deleted files from Memorex removable hard drive after formatting? I formatted the removable hard drive by mistake instead of the other external HDD. Everything including photos, videos, music, documents, program, etc on my Memorex removable HDD was erased due to formatting. Is there any way to restore the deleted files after formatting removable hard drive?"

"Is there unformat external hard drive software that can restore deleted files from my Memorex USB hard drive after formatting? Please share the solution to me if anybody had the similar experience."

Restore Deleted Data off Memorex External Hard Drive

It does not matter you delete files from Memorex external hard drive due to mistake or other reasons, you have a good chance to restore deleted files as long as they were not overwritten by new data. You just need to rely on iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve deleted files such as videos, pictures, music, word files, excel files, etc from your Memorex external HDD. This data recovery software can work on Windows platform, so you need to connect your Memorex external hard drive to Windows computer to perform deleted file recovery.

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Steps for Deleted Data Recovery on Memorex Portable Hard Drive

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Plug the Memorex portable hard drive to your computer and start the software.

Step1. Select a proper scan mode after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Memorex portable HDD as aim disk so that the software can scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the found files and save the files you need to a safe place.

preview found photo

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Situations to Delete Files from Memorex USB Hard Drive

You might delete files from Memorex USB hard drive in different situations, such as:

  • Deleting files by pressing Delete button
  • Mistakenly delete data from USB HDD Memorex by pressing Shift + Delete keys
  • Deleted data off Memorex USB hard drive after formatting it by mistake
  • Files got deleted after running antivirus software

The Bottom line for Memorex Removable Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you are still looking for method to recover deleted files from Memorex removable hard drive, you should keep it in mind not to write new data to the removable HDD. iCare Data Recovery enables you to undelete portable without hurting the original data or having any influence on your removable hard drive, so you can rely on this software without worrying that it will cause further data loss after using this software.

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