Recover Deleted Data from SSD External Drive

How to recover deleted data from SSD external drive? It is a difficult task for many people to recover lost files after deleting from external SSD drive by mistake or due to other reasons, because they always think that all data has been deleted permanently after emptying the recycle bin. System only marks the SSD external disk space as empty for new data storage when you deleted files from recycle bin, but the true data will remain on the external SSD drive before the disk space is occupied by new data. In this situation, you can use data recovery software to restore deleted files from external SSD drive.

How to Recover Data after Deleting from External SSD Drive?

For file recovery after deleting from any external SSD drive, you can iCare Data Recovery. It is a data recovery program for Windows permanently deleted file recovery from any storage media.

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Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on a Windows computer. Launch the data recovery software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the external SSD drive and then you only need to wait the software to scan it to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files after scanning and then save the lost files to another drive.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Situations for SSD External Drive Deleted File Recovery

With help of iCare Data Recovery, you can perform external SSD drive data recovery after deleting in following situations:
1. You mistakenly delete files by pressing Delete key after selecting files on external SSD drive and then empty recycle bin.
2. You delete files from external SSD drive by pressing Shift + Delete keys, in which situation all deleted data is not moved to recycle bin.
3. You wrongly select Delete option and delete selected files from external SSD drive.
4. Antivirus software removes folder from external SSD drive

SanDisk Portable SSD Drive Deleted File Recovery

SanDisk portable solid state drive is widely used by many people. Probably, you may accidentally delete files from SanDisk portable SSD when you want to delete files from another drive. Or you may delete data from SanDisk external SSD drive on purpose because you consider it as unnecessary data. You can run iCare Data Recovery to undelete files from SanDisk portable SSD drive whether you delete files by accident or on purpose.

Samsung SSD External Drive Data Recovery after Deleting

When referring to SSD external drive, many people also know Samsung SSD. iCare Data Recovery is able to work on Samsung external SSD drive for lost file recovery after deleting. This software enables you to recover any deleted data such as AVI files, MPEG files, MP4 files, 3GP files, MP3 files, WMA files, WAV files, GIF files, PNG files, BMP files, JPEG files, TIFF files, Email files, PowerPoint files, Excel files, Word documents, PDF files, PSD files and more.

Toshiba External Solid State Drive Deleted File Recovery

Compared with Toshiba SSD drive, Toshiba external SSD drive is a removable SSD which is able to plug to a computer for data storage or transferring. Probably, you moved all data from computer’s internal hard disk drive or SSD drive to the Toshiba SSD drive in order to free up disk space on internal drive, but the problem is that you accidentally delete some or even all data from the Toshiba external SSD drive without any backup. Files deleted from any removable disk will not be moved to recycle bin. Therefore, the only chance to recover deleted files free from Toshiba external solid state drive is to rely on data recovery software.

Transcend Portable SSD Drive Deleted Video Recovery

If you know SSD drive, you might be familiar with Transcend portable SSD drive. You can store all kinds of files on a Transcend SSD drive external, while video is a common type of file that many people like to store on a portable SSD drive. If you save videos on a Transcend portable SSD drive, you can easily and efficiently read data from the external SSD. If you delete all videos or other files from Transcend portable SSD drive, iCare Data Recovery allows you to get back all deleted data any time before you write new files to the external SSD drive.

Restore Deleted Files from Kingston SSD External Drive

Kingston SSD external drive is also popular among SSD drive users. You can plug a Kingston external SSD drive to any Windows computer for data storage, transferring or backup. Although different kinds of portable SSD drives have some difference in performance, features, price, etc, all portable SSD drive works similarly for saving data. Files stored on Kingston SSD drive external might be lost due to many reasons, among which deletion is a common reason. iCare Data Recovery is compatible with Kingston SSD external drive for deleted file recovery or when files got lost due to other reasons.

Rescue Photos Music from Seagate Portable SSD Drive

When referring to Seagate Corporation, many people know that it is a Corporation that mainly manufactures hard disk drives. In these years, Seagate Corporation also manufactures SSD drive and portable SSD drive. Although Seagate SSD drive or portable SSD is not so popular as Seagate hard drive, many people still like to use Seagate portable SSD drive. When you delete photos music from a Seagate external SSD drive, you can totally rely on iCare Data Recovery to restore everything you need.

Retrieve Data on ADATA External SSD Drive

Have you ever deleted files from ADATA external SSD drive by mistake? If you have no idea what to do for ADTA external SSD drive deleted file recovering, iCare Data Recovery can help you resolve the data loss problem. This data recovery software is able to deep scan the ADATA external SSD drive in order to search every deleted file. You do not need to worry that the software will cause further data loss because it provides read-only solution for deleted file recovery. This software enables you to retrieve deleted files from ADATA SSD drive or portable SSD drive.

Undelete Files from Intel External SSD Drive

You can also use iCare Data Recovery to undelete files from Intel external SSD drive. Generally speaking, as a data program for all, iCare Data Recovery is able to work on all brands of external SSD drives. In addition to what mentioned above, you can use iCare Data Recovery to undelete files in following situation:

  • Undelete files from Crucial external SSD drive
  • Undelete Corsair portable SSD drive
  • Undelete data from Patriot portable SSD drive
  • Undelete files on generic external SSD drive

File Recovery When Antivirus Software Removes Data on External SSD

Sometimes, you might run anti-virus software on your computer to scan all drives to check if any drive contain virus. It is necessary to install an antivirus program on every computer in order to protect PC from being infected with virus or spyware. However, antivirus software might mistakenly remove some files from an external SSD drive. If you lose any data because antivirus software erased data by mistake, you can run iCare Data Recovery to get back all deleted files. In order to avoid such kind of problem, you had better check it carefully when you run an antivirus program to check if there is virus on external SSD drive.

In general, iCare Data Recovery is a tool that is able to recover deleted files off portable hard drive SSD in any brand.

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