Recover Data from Internal HDD after Sudden Shutdown on Windows 7 Computer

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"Hello, folks there! I am running Windows 7 on my Samsung computer and installed a Samasung internal HDD there to hold all computer informaiton. However, recently, this computer suddenly shut down due to a poor power supply line and made this internal HDD show as RAW. And no original computer file, program, video, game and more could be accessed without format. How can I stop the internal hard drive from giving 'drive is not formatted' error message right now? Honeslty, after this unexpected PC shutdown, I did try to recover data off from unformatted drive with drive data recovery sofware without writting any new content there. But, it only helped to take a very small portion of my original drive information back. Many of my lost data which I was interested were seriously corruptted and could not be oppened anywhere. Hope this description could let you know my problem clearly. Please help me rescue my lost drive files. Thanks!"

Hello, friends! Fortunately, it sounds like that your internal HDD is not seriously damaged due to that sudden PC shutdown. If it is completely failed, any of your computers can not even detect it there and you also are not able to take anything original back with any data recovery software. However, that also doesn’t indicate that you can 100% surely recover all your lost drive contents. Merely stop writing anything new on this RAW drive and go try other hard drive data recovery software.

Scan Your Not Formatted Internal HDD with Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

When computer internal hard drive requires formatting since it is detected as RAW, people are often asked to check the computer data well at first. If they do have prepared everything important on another drive or device, merely go follow not formatted error message to format the drive and convert RAW to NTFS for future use. However, if they do find no any data backup elsewhere, do not rush to format this drive or convert its RAW file system and go download hard drive data recovery software to recover lost important data back firstly. And in your case, since your chosen one seems not to work as effectively as you hope, merely go select and try more reliable data recovery programs out there to get your desired music, videos, programs, games and more files back step by step:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and install the trial or free version of your chosen data recovery tools.

select recovery mode

Step2. Open it well there and select a practical data recovery mode or file type recovery mode.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this internal HDD and preview the scanned files, photos and other documents.

Step4. Recover original drive information to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

iCare Data Recovery is able to recover permanently deleted files on Windows 7 in all situations as long as you have not written any new data to the internal hard drive.

Please Note:

*Check all the scanned pictures, PPT/PDF/Excel/TXT documents and files to see whether the selected software is workable for your case.
*Only purchase a code of a data recovery program that can help you scan and recover most or even all of your lost drive contents. ]
*Recover lost information to a different storage device and also prepare data backups well timely.
*Format or convert your internal HDD when you do have rescued desired data successfully and back up them all well.

Change another Power Supply Line to avoid Such Sudden Power Loss Troubles

In your case, your Samsung computer just unexpectedly shut down and caused you internal hard drive data loss troubles only because of a poor power supply line. Hence, in order to avoid such sudden computer shutdown problems happen again in the future, you’d better go change another new one for your PC. If necessary, also remember to regularly check the state of the line in the future.

Restore Computer Performance and Keep Making Drive Data Backups Well

The computer sudden power loss problems are able to cause the PC owner many problems, like your encountered internal hard drive data loss troubles, computer not booting up problems, computer operating system damaging or corrupting problems, or even completely corrupted drive problems and more. Hence, when such problems come to you, do not rush to do anything to your computer, especially the internal or external storage devices, to avoid worse troubles and prepare drive data backups well on other drives or storage devices. And then, start to restore the computer performance by repairing damaged internal/external drives, reinstalling or restoring computer operating system or changing another new storage device, etc. Of course, if you are not allowed to access anything important inside your computer drive, also start PC data recovery software to rescue everything desired back before you start to restore your PC performance.

Read More about Computer Sudden Shutdown Issues

In daily use, except the poor power supply line, there are also many other reasons that can make your computer shut down without any warning, including seriously corrupted internal hard drive (like a drive that are filled with countless bad sectors), corrupted or outdated computer operating system, improper main partition setting (like setting a partition without OS loading as the first boot device in BIOS interface), too hot computer components, occupying too much computer resources at once and more. For example, when your computer internal hard drive, especially the drive that your PC OS has been installed, is seriously damaged due to long time use or else reasons, your computer is really possible to turn itself off suddenly while you are busy doing your stuffs there. However, also do not worry. No matter which one you have encountered somehow, always rescue your important data back and repair it according to your own conditions.

If you want to recover data from Windows 7 after formatting, deleting, not formatted error or more other situations, you can free download iCare Data Recovery now!

download data recovery software

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