Recover Data from Internal HD That Becomes Invisible and Is Identified as RAW Now

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Internal HD Is Invisible on My PC & Also Identified as RAW on Dell PC. How to Rescue Files Inside?

"Hello! Please assist me if you can. My internal HD became invisible to my PC. And when I retry it on a dell computer, the Windows OS diagnoses it and identifies it as RAW. However, it is still invisible on my PC when I try it back. What, if anything, can I do now to remove this internal hard disk issues and recover hard disk files? Thanks in advance!"

Hello, friends! It sounds like both of your PC and the internal hard disk do have problems. You’d better check your PC problems as soon as possible for future user. However, as this HD that identified as RAW file system on another dell computer, you can go try hard disk RAW file system recovery software to recover original drive information before you format this internal hard disk to restore its functional use.

Your PC Probably Gets Problems Since Your RAW HD Is Invisible There

From your description, we know that your internal hard disk can be detected as RAW on a Dell computer, but is invisible on your PC. That may indicate that your original PC may be already damaged or gets some troublesome problems, like some computer OS issues, some computer hard disk connection issues or the likes. In order to make sure whether the guess is right, you can safely remove this HD off from this dell computer and go retry it on the third different computer, and then, check how it shows there this time. If it still gets RAW file system issues, your PC must get problems somehow and go repair as soon as possible. But, if it also is invisible there, though there is no sure clue to show that your original computer is damaged or now, this internal hard disk must get issues and cannot be read well.
However, no matter whether your original PC gets problems or not, merely save no new data on this internal hard disk and go see what you can do to rescue everything reserved back.

Please Note: Do not easily format this RAW HD to bring worse data loss troubles.

Of course, after format, you also can go try formatted disk data recovery software to recover data from formatted drive.

The RAW Format HD May Not Be Physically Damaged

In fact, in most hard disk data loss troubles, the internal hard disks with RAW file system errors or not formatted errors are often better than some hard disk with virus infection issues or other physical damages. Why? At last, when your computer hard disk is asking you to format due to RAW file system or the related causes, you do get high chances to repair your computer merely by performing formatting processes there. However, when your hard disk is virus-infected or physically damaged, like containing much drive bad sectors, you often do get no promising chances to take every original hard disk files. Hence, do not panic or keep yourself in a really low mood. Your RAW format HD may not seriously damaged yet.

Recover Files from Internal Hard Disk with RAW File System before Format

Though the internal hard disk RAW file system issue is not as horrible as you think, it doesn’t indicate that you can do anything to this original hard disk that needs to be converted from RAW to NTFS. Oppositely, in order to rescue your desired drive contents back as many as possible, you are supposed to do nothing to this drive before you perform a RAW format drive data recovery process there before any format. Hence, keep it away from any new data right now and go download RAW drive recovery software to scan it. And then, after a deep hard disk scanning, do not rush to pay for data recovery and merely preview the detected files, photos, documents and the like contents to see whether all your desired stuffs are found and recoverable there. If so, go pay it for successful data recovery and also select different data storage devices to hold all retrieved stuffs in case of data recovery failures. 

Please Note: Whatever happens, never write new data on this RAW format HD and also never format this drive to mess everything up.

CHKDSK Is Not Available for RAW Hard Disk Drive

After data recovery, you can format the internal HDD to repair the RAW drive error. In order to check if there is any error on the hard disk, you can also run CHKDSK for RAW drives scanning and fix.

==>> You receive message saying the type of file system is RAW? Please go to this page - CHKDSK is not available for RAW hard drive>>

Why A Hard Disk or External Hard Disk Becomes RAW?

In daily use, an internal hard disk or external hard drive could become RAW occasionally on a computer and that makes the reserved drive data, like Word documents, PPT files, PDF files, films, videos, audios and more files inaccessible before you format it from RAW to NTFS. However, do you know why a hard disk or external drive becomes RAW and asks you to format? Honestly, there are many causes that can bring people RAW file system problems, like hard disk faulty connection, hard disk bad sector issues, hard disk physical damages, improper computer OS installation or reinstallation, etc. Overall, no matter what your causes are, merely stop rewriting that RAW drive and go recover original drive files back before any format or other operations.

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