Recover Data from Formatted WD HFS+ HDD External

"Can I recover data from formatted WD HFS+ external HDD for Mac? I have a 2TB WD external hard drives which was formatted in HFS+ file system because I often use it on my iMac. Today, when I plugged this WD external HFS+ hard drive to my iMac, I formatted this external hard drive by mistake. So I post my question here and want to ask how to recover lost files from a mistakenly formatted WD HFS+ external hard disk drive? Does anybody like to tell me the solution?"

It is able to recover data after formatting WD HFS+ external hard disk by accident or on purpose. The first thing you need to do is to stop performing any operation on the formatted external hard drive. If the previous lost data is overwritten due to improper operation, you may lose the final chance to get back what you need. Then, you can use a professional data recovery program to get back everything you need from the formatted WD HFS+ HDD external. This page will share data recovery software and tell step-by-step guide to help recover files from formatted WD external HFS+ hard drive.

Formatted WD HFS+ External HDD Recovery

You can use iCare Data Recovery Pro in order to recover lost data from formatted WD external HFS+ hard drive. This data recovery software provides different recovery options, among which you can select a proper recovery option for WD external HFS+ hard drive format recovery. It allows you to recover different kinds of files in batch after formatting WD HFS+ portable hard drive by mistake or when the HFS+ disk requires formatting. iCare Data Recovery works on Windows OS, so you can plug the formatted WD HFS+ external HDD to Window PC and recover data by following the steps below:

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Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery on a Windows PC. Launch the software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the formatted WD external HFS+ hard drive and then the software will search selected drive for lost data.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview found files when scanning is completed and then select the lost files to recover.

preview found photo

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Data Recovery after Formatting WD Portable HFS+ HDD by Accident

Many people have formatted a portable hard drive by mistake. Probably, you carelessly select a wrong drive and format it when you attempt to format another drive. Or you accidentally format the WD portable HFS+ hard drive when you believe that all data has been moved to another place. Formatting does not cause any damage to the WD HFS+ external hard drive, but it only delete all data stored on this disk drive. It seems impossible to avoid making such of mistake, but what you should do is to keep calm even you lost lots of important data due to formatting. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover files from formatted HFS+ hard disk drive when you perform format by mistake.

Format WD HFS+ HDD External due to Disk Error

Are you looking for solution for formatted WD HFS+ HDD external data recovery because you format the disk drive when system reports not formatted error on it? Have you ever thought that all data will be lost after formatting a WD external HFS+ hard drive when it requires formatting? Or you simply believe that all data will come back as long as you can format a RAW external hard drive to HFS+ file system? It do not matter why you perform format when receiving disk drive not formatted error message on WD portable hard drive, but the important point is that you are able to recover data when it got lost due to formatting an unformatted disk drive. iCare Data Recovery provides deep scan recovery option, with which you are able to retrieve data from Western Digital external hard drive after formatting when it reports not formatted error.

Format WD HDD HFS+ Disk due to System Reinstalling

Sometimes, computer users might attempt to reinstall operating system, due to which they may need to reformat hard disk drive. Usually, people may take a proper backup of important data on hard disk drive before reinstalling system. However, if you mistakenly reformat WD HFS+ hard disk drive without take any backup, you will lose everything on the formatted drive. If you format WD HFS+ hard drive due to reinstalling operating system, you can also use iCare Data Recovery to recover data from formatted WD HFS+ hard disk drive.
Simply say, iCare Data Recovery helps recover all types of files from WD HDD HFS+ disk when you format it due to various kinds of reasons. For example, you can also make use of iCare Data Recovery for data recovery when you format WD external HDD HFS+ disk due to other reasons like virus infection, bad sectors and more.

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