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Laptop Was Dropped Suddenly and Thumb Drive Connected Became Malfunctioned?

"Hello, I was trying to recover files from my 1TB Seagate hard disk and needed your help. Honeslty, my laptop got stolen from my apartment and just in the previous day, I had stransfered all my data from this Seagate hard disk to my laptop and also performed a format process there to clean everything up to hold my new data. However, since that laptop was stolen, i did have to try to take my desired precvious files from this formatted hard disk by using some format recovery software serached online. But, none of my used hard disk recovery software works in my cases. Do you have any idea to help me? What am I supposed to do now to rescue lost formatted hard disk data when my laptop got stolen? Thanks for any advice here!"

Hello, friends! Hope you do have called the police and let them investigate this case to find your laptop back as soon as possible. And, before your laptop is back, if you are in a hurry to use the lost data, no worry. Though your ITB Seagate hard drive has been formatted after you do have transferred all important to the stolen laptop, you do get chances to recover the original files, videos and more data from this formatted drive. Merely go find and apply Seagate external hard drive data recovery software.

Is It Possible to Retrieve Lost Data from Formatted Seagate 1TB Hard Drive?

Though your laptop has been stolen and you cannot access your transferred important data directly from the laptop internal hard drive or partitions, you do get chances to take your wanted files and folders back straightly from that Seagate ITB hard drive that has been formatted. Want to know why? After a quick format, full format or reformat processing performed on a hard drive, the reserved drive data is not completely wiped out as you often think. Oppositely, before they are rewritten and replaced completely by new file on the same formatted device, they often will be stored there forever. And as long as you select a reliable format recovery freeware to scan this drive, you often can have high possibilities to recover formatted hard drive data back.

Hence, leave this Seagate hard drive alone after format and go choose effective data recovery software as soon as possible.

How to Recover Files from Seagate Hard Drive after Format?

download data recovery software

No matter which type of formatting processes, like a quick format or full format or how many formatting processes you have performed on your ITB Seagate hard drive, your transferred important data may be still left on this drive and only inaccessible temporary there. In order to restore and reuse them again, you are supposed to add nothing new on this formatted drive and unformat this device to recover previous computer files, videos, documents, messages and more information. Merely go recover data after format with the help of formatted hard drive recovery software as below:

Step1. Download data recovery software to choose a proper data recovery mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Perform a thorough scanning process on this Seagate hard drive.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview and recover wanted original drive contents to a different storage device.

preview found photo

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Please Note:

*Arrange a different hard drive, flash drive or device to hold all restored files in case of data recovery failures.
*If you do have encountered other hard drive data loss troubles, like RAW file system error, not formatted error, virus threats and more, such hard drive data recovery software also helps get lost data back.
*Several data backups should be made in advance no matter what happens to you in the future.

What to Do When Your Laptop Is Stolen?

Still don’t know what you can do when your laptop is stolen? OK! Here are several useful tips for you:

1). Check all possible storage devices or backups to find very important data back as soon as possible.

When the lost computer data is very, very important for you, go check all your internal/external hard drives, flash drives and memory cards to find all possible original data back as much as possible. Of course, the above mentioned data recovery software is also worth trying.

2). Call the police to cope with such problem.

No matter how your laptop gets stolen, you are supposed to call the police as soon as possible so that they can help you find your laptop as soon as possible.

3). Change all possible passwords of your credit cards, deposit cards and the likes, if possible.

In this technological era, some evil persons can easily install a program on your computer that has been stolen to find your personal passwords of your credit cards, deposit cards, Gmail, eBay and the likes, and steal your money, online pictures, files and other sensitive information once when you do have ever paid your online orders and logged in some online accounts through that stolen laptop. Hence, if possible, go change the passwords as soon as possible.
Overall, learn a lesson to keep your laptop well and also make drive data backups well all the time in the future.

download data recovery software

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