Recover Data Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cracked Screen

I Would Like to Recover Data and Contacts from My S4 Whose Screen Is Cracked

"Hello, I would like to recover my data and contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S4 that is the first generation, but, now, the phone screen just is cracked and shows some random colored lines on the major drop. However, I can still tell it works now since there are sounds and the sense touch is still workable. Though I can use my mom's phone, a latter S4 version, instead of this cracked one, I still wonder whether there is any best route for me now to recover data and contacts from this cracked damaged mobile phone. Please tell me how to recover Samsung Galaxy data!"

Hello, friends! Like other people who also have experienced similar mobile phone photo/contact/video/message data loss troubles after accidental delete or format, you do also forget to back up all your precious Samsung mobile phone data on another USB hard disk, flash drive or else storage media before it gets a cracked damaged screen? All right! This is no need to worry too much! From your description, the state your mobile phone is not as bad as you think. You do get chances to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 SD memory card.

Firstly, Go Read Samsung Mobile Phone on Your PC

Even though your S4 mobile phone now is cracked and shows some random colored lines on the major drop, your mobile phone seems not to be completely corrupted yet. Merely safely turn it off and plunge it to your PC to check whether your desired phone data could still be read well on your PC. Of course, if you do have stored all desired data and contacts on the Micro SD card well in advance, you also are able to extract this memory card out and directly insert it to your computer with a card reader to take chances.

Please Note: If you do prefer to plunge this Samsung Galaxy phone containing your memory card to your computer, you’d better not forget to enable the phone USB connection.

Secondly, Check whether all desired Phone Data and Contacts Are Still Useful

Honestly, while using Moto G mobile phone, people do delete their precious photos, files, messages and more data off from phone memory card due to several reasons, like:
1). Delete Moto G phone Micro SD card photos since choosing the wrong photo folders.
2). Shit delete mobile phone memory card data since selecting wrong storage device while using it on a PC or computer.
3). Delete mobile phone memory card contents since mistakenly clicking phone "delete" options.

No matter how and why you delete your valuable phone photos, before they all are corrupted by new information written on the same phone Micro SD card, you are supposed to perform data recovery processes there with the help of some deleted photo recovery tools which are developed to help people undelete android mobile phone memory card photos and other files with fast speed and high efficiency.

Please Note: No matter which data recovery tools you prefer to use, always go try its trial version at first to see whether it is workable for you.

Undo Format Moto Phone Memory Card with Phone Memory Card Format Recovery Software

And then, find and click the mobile phone memory card to see whether the original phone contacts, messages, pictures, videos and more contents are still accessible and useful there. In fact, when the mobile phone screen is cracked or damaged due to accidentally hitting or dropping, the inner inserted memory card also could be damaged and becomes inaccessible. Do you have get some memory card error problems while trying to open anything inside this Samsung Mobile Phone Micro SD card, like Samsung Galaxy says memory card RAW, Samsung Galaxy reports not formatted error on memory card or other related memory card issues? If you do, do not panic to format this phone memory card to avoid permanent phone data loss problems and go restore mobile phone data back with the assistance of some phone memory card data recovery software firstly.

Please Note: Do nothing to the Micro SD card of your Samsung Galaxy Micro SD card when you do receive any related phone memory card error messages in case that your original phone data or contacts are lost permanently due to your improper operation.

Thirdly, Go Try Phone Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Original Phone Memory Card Data or Contacts

download data recovery software

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone Micro SD card really gives memory card error messages and asks you to format? OK! Your phone memory card may be only logically damaged somehow. Your stored files, contacts and other data inside is probably not damaged or lost yet. Merely keep this memory card away from any new data and see whether phone memory card data recovery software help retrieve anything original back.
And now, what you are supposed to do is only as below:

Step1. Do not format or rewrite this Samsung phone Micro SD card.

Step2. Download and install memory card data recovery software on your computer partitions, not this phone memory card.

select recovery mode

Step3. Run the installed data recovery software to choose a proper data recovery mode and also perform a deep scan there.

wait while scanning

Step4. Preview the scanned files, images and documents, and then, recover desired data to local computer partitions or other storage devices in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

Please Note: If you do have formatted your phone memory card once you received related memory card errors, like memory card blank errors, memory card RAW file system errors or memory card not formatted errors, etc, do not panic! Memory card format recovery software also is one of your best choices to take lost phone data back.

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Also Go Restore Mobile Phone Contacts from Gmail Account, If Possible.

You do rescue no any desired Samsung phone data or contact after applying data recovery software to scan your S4 phone Micro SD card? OK! In fact, the phone memory card data recovery software always works in taking original phone photos, files, messages, contacts and more data back when you do have saved at least a copy of the original phone information on your phone memory card in advance. If you do have not saved any copy there, no matter how effectively your chosen software works, you do certainly receive no wanted data back. But, also do not worry.
Have you synced your mobile phone to your Google account earlier? If you do, without the help of data recovery software, you are also able to restore your phone contacts from the Gmail. Merely log in your Gmail and go see how many of them are still needed for you. And then, download them to your Samsung mobile phone.

Please Note: If you neither have saved desired data on the Samsung phone memory nor have synced your mobile phone to Google account, you seem to get no chance to get the original phone memory card data back unless you do have repaired the cracked phone screen well to take chances.

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