Recover Data after Format Memorex External Hard Drive

How to recover data after format Memorex external hard drive? What are you going to do after seeing Memorex external hard drive have been formatted if some significant files are primarily saved on it? Perhaps you should think of a way to bring back the lost information and files at that time. Do you have any thought on how to take back lost folders and files from the Memorex external drive that is formatted?  It is always possible that you can try to recover and retrieve all files back by using iCare Data Recovery.

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Steps to Recover Data after Format Memorex External HDD

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the Memorex external HDD to your computer and launch the software.

Step1. Choose the scan mode after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Memorex external hard drive and wait the software to scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview all the contents available in the lists after scanning. Then, select the files that you are in need to retrieve and recover.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

These are the simple yet the most effective steps you need to follow when you are highly in need to recover data after format Memorex External Hard Drive. Following these steps, you are pretty sure that all the lost data and files will be restored and retrieved as much as what you wanted.

Notice to Consider When Recovering Lost Files and Information

There are several things that you need to consider despite of the fact that restoring lost information from formatted Memorex External is simple and easy. You may not be able to obtain all the lost data and information if the process you’ve followed is not proper. This is the reason why you need to be very careful to get back all the files and information that you have lost. Here are some of the essential tips that you need to keep in mind and these includes the following:

  • Prevent formatting of the Memorex external drive again. You may format the portable hard disk again to retrieve lost data but you need to be aware that you cannot retrieve what you need from the formatted hard drive by formatting its external hard disc. This will just make the situation worst hence it is better not to reformat your hard drive again.
  • Do not store fresh and new information on the Memorex HDD that is already formatted. One of the reasons is that you may lose the possibility to recover files and information from the hard drive even if you are going to make use of recovery tool. This is because; the lost files and information may be already overwritten by new data.

Keeping in mind all of these things can make you feel confident and happy that you can recover data after format Memorex external hard drive. To those who are looking for the best recovery tool that could help them in recovering data and files on the formatted external hard drive, making use of iCare Data Recovery Pro is an ideal tool that you should have. This can effectively help you from simple to complex recovery of all files and information that have been lost when the Memorex external hard drive you are using is formatted.

The Bottom Line for Data Recovery after Format Memorex Removable Disk

Are you still looking for the solution for recovering files after format Memorex removable disk? When you format your Memorex removable hard drive, it does not erase all data completely. Therefore, you have a good chance to get back lost files from formatted Memorex removable HDD by using iCare Data Recovery. This software provides solution for free quick format recovery and full format recovery from Memorex external HDD. Download the software now!

download data recovery software

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