Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Error on Windows PC

Receive Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Error While Booting Windows PC?

"Hello, guys! I have used my Windows 8 laptop for about two years and it always gets no any computer rebooting issues before. However, recently, once it freezes one time after being running all night, it just keeps giving an error message saying: ‘Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in the selected boot device …’ when I try to open this computer up. Though I can still get access to the computer BIOS interface, I still don’t know how to fix such reboot and selected proper boot device error problem. I really need restart my computer to edit some work documents today. Can you help me resolve such selected boot device error issues? Thank you for any suggestion here in advance!"

Hello, friends! Have you opened the computer BIOS and double checked whether your computer boots from a healthy hard drive, not a corrupted hard drive? Honestly, in your case, it is possible that your Windows computer boot hard drive is damaged somehow after you do have used it to store and transfer diversified computer files, apps, games, movies, mails, messages and more the like contents for two years. But, no matter whether this guess is right or not, keep on reading this article to resolve such selected proper boot device error successfully. 

Causes behind Such Select Proper Boot Device Error Problems

Generally, this reboot and select proper device error problems occurs when you do selected the wrong boot device or the allocated boot device is damaged or failed:

1). Select an improper boot device as the first boot item in BIOS
Which storage device have you set as the first boot item in BIOS boot order, the floppy group, CD-Rom group or hard drive group, etc? Honestly, in order to start your PC smoothly, you are often supposed to choose your inserted internal hard disk as the first boot device, not your floppy drive or CD-Rom. Hence, to fix such error, go try to reset your hard disk as the boot device.

2).The set boot device is corrupted and unreadable
You do have a clear check and found you do have set the hard drive ground as the first boot item in BIOS? OK! In your case, it is possible that your first boot hard drive may get corrupted and become unreadable. Once the boot device is unrecognizable really there, when your computer try to boot up, read the needed boot drive information and then, will finally have no boot device available error. That’s also why you get such reboot and inserted proper boot device error problems.

How to Fix Such Reboot and Inserted Proper Boot Device Errors?

Have checked your boot device order and the set boot device after receiving such error message? Have you found out which one of them bring you such selected proper boot device problems after reading the possible reasons listed above? And no matter how your situation goes right now, just follow the below methods to resolve such boot device error:

1). Change the computer boot order in BIOS interface
If you really do have selected an improper device as the first boot item, what you are supposed to do for resolving such reboot and selected proper boot device error problems is to change the computer boot order and set the workable internal hard drive as the first boot device in BIOS interface.

2). Repair or change damaged boot hard drive
When you do also get the same error message on the computer screen after you do have change the computer boot order correctly, you can go try to check your boot hard drive carefully. Just start you computer CHKDSK tool or other hard drive checking software to see whether your boot hard drive is damaged and could not be read properly as before. Just reconnect it or repair it when this hard disk is only logically damaged, like hard drive raw file system problems. And, when this drive is failed or dead really, also timely change another good one for your PC.
Please Note: Computer hard drive data backups should never be forgotten before any repairing or changing.

Such Reboot and Insert Proper Boot Decide Issues Occur When…

In fact, as a computer user, people are often stuck in such insert proper boot device error issues on startup under many circumstances, including:

1). Add a second or more internal hard drives to PC and forget to reset the boot order
In this technological era, only one internal hard drive is often not enough for people, especially some experts, to hold the increasing computer data over the time. Hence, many people will try to add a second internal hard drive, SSD or USB portable hard drive to enlarge the overall computer storage space. However, if you do forget to set the master drive and slave drive, and reset the computer boot order timely, it is really possible for you to get stuck in such boot device error troubles. 

2). Computer boot device is incorrectly or loosely connected
Of course, when your computer boot device is loosely connected after sudden dropping, hitting or shocking, etc, or when your boot device is incorrectly inserted, you do also get the similar reboot and insert boot device error message while rebooting.

3). Computer boot hard drive is used for years
And, if your allocated boot hard drive is corrupted unexpectedly after it has been used there for years, the same reboot and select proper device error problems also occur.
Overall, hope these related situations could help you get some clues about why and how you have such boot device error troubles.

How to Change or Reset First Boot Item in BIOS on Windows 7. 8 or 10 

Find your boot error problems are caused by improper boot device setting, however, don’t know how you can set a correct boot item to boot up your Windows computer smoothly? No worry! Here are some details for you to change the computer boot order on Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 PC:
Step1. Reboot your Windows 7 computer and click F2 till it enters into the BIOS interface.
Step2. Open the Boot tab located on the top and highlight Hard Drive.
Step3. Click Enter butter and set it as the first boot item there.
Step4. Restart your computer to see whether it could be boot up smoothly this time.

Please Note:
*In the BIOS interface, you can only use the keyboard buttons to complete the entire resetting process. Just be careful.
*Different branded computers may have different shortcut keys to help people enter the BIOS screen after reboot, like clicking F12, Enter, DEL or F2 button. Merely, try them one by one to see which one of them is workable for your PC.

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