RAW USB Stick Cannot Be Formatted - fix in 3 ways

My thumb drive showing raw cannot be formatted on Windows and it shows 0 bytes with used space 0 bytes, why can't I format the usb stick? Is there any tool that can help me get it fixed?

My usb stick is raw and wants to be formatted - 'You need to format the disk in drive e before you can use it. Do you want to format it?'

usb stick wants formattingUSB Stick Wants Formatting

If this is what comes up to your flash stick, a reformatting would mostly work.

Recommend: 8 free usb format tools to format a usb

However sometimes, it may feedback with error 'Windows was unable to format'

windows is unable to complete the format

#1 - Fix raw file system for usb stick - video guide

We would recommend you try fixing the raw usb stick at first with cmd and see whether it would.

How to fix usb stick cannot be formatted - video guide

Here in this video, it includes a few ways to fix the usb stick can't be formatted problem.

Sometimes, the format failure could be caused by the following factors that involved with write protection, read-only etc.

file is read onlyA read-only file attribution would make the usb stick failed to be formatted.

#2 - cmd to remove readonly attribute

remove usb read onlyRemove readonly with cmd

#3 - Rufus to reformat usb drive - video guide

Rufus download url: https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/releases/download/v3.11/rufus-3.11.exe

If the above link does not work, be free to get the latest download link at https://rufus.ie/

format with rufusRufus to format usb that cannot be formatted

Note - all formatting would erase data from the usb stick, actually the formatting would mark the usb stick as a new empty space for taking new data.

Please make sure you have already rescued your usb files, or you need to recover files from raw usb before the formatting.

If your usb stick is still damaged, you may try 8 free usb repair tools to get it repaired.

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