RAW Seagate 3TB Hard Drive PST File Recovery after Blue Screen of Death

Windows 10 PC Shows Seagate 3TB Hard Drive as RAW Format after Blue Screen of Death?

"Hello, experts there! I have a Seagate 3TB Barracuda SATA hard drive that is used on my Windows 10 computer and holds many important files, especially some newly made Outlook PST files that have not been uploaded to my online backup storage. However, yesterday, when I was watching some YouTube videos inside this drive, the sudden blue screen of death problems appeared. And this hard drive seemed to be damaged by that sudden PC problem. And, when restarting this Windows PC, it seemed to run as normal, but, only read this Seagate hard drive as RAW format, though it should be NTFS file system as before. Honestly, I did have tried RAW hard drive data recovery software to rescue anything original. But, its free trial version did have a size limit and was not able to recover all my wanted data back. What can I do now to take all desired hard drive files back with success? Thank you for any help!"

raw usb flash drive DISK file sytem raw 0 bytes

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Hello, friends! The sudden blue screen of death problem often happens to a computer or PC due to many reasons, may damage used computer internal hard drive and also cause hard drive data loss troubles. And in your case, the hard drive RAW file system error issue seems to be caused by that sudden blue screen of death problem. But, also do not panic! No matter how seriously your Seagate hard drive has been damaged, go download hard drive data recovery software to check whether your original drive contents are still recoverable before convert hard drive RAW to NTFS.

Video - Convert raw seagate disk ntfs

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Retrieve PST Files or Other Data from RAW File System Hard Drive

The sudden blue screen of death issue or computer shutdown does damage computer hard drive logically and make the drive get an unsupported RAW file system in some cases. But, that does not mean your hard drive is already completely corrupted and inner photos, videos, documents, messages and more files, especially your desired outlook PST files, are ready destroyed and irrecoverable. Differently, with the help of effective hard drive RAW file system recovery software, your original Outlook files still could be taken back with simple clicks. Hence, do not format this RAW format Seagate drive and run RAW file system recovery software for data recovery from Seagate external hard drive:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and launch RAW file system recovery software to another computer hard drive.

select recovery mode

Step2. Start data recovery software to select a proper file recovery mode or type.

wait while scanning

Step3. Perform a deep scanning process on this RAW Seagate drive and preview scanned files.
Step4. Move all restored PST files or other information to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

You can format the 3TB hard drive from RAW to NTFS after recovering data. If it has blue screen of death, it might be a problem to perform format because Windows reports it was unable to complete the format.

Please Note:

*Save no else information on this Seagate 3TB hard drive after the blue screen of death issues.
*Preview the scanned files carefully and see whether the used software deserves its regular price.
*Store retrieved hard drive files to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.
*Format RAW file system hard drive to NTFS to see whether it is still functional on your PC.

Want to Know Why Your PC Gets Blue Screen of Death Problem?

Generally, the computer could get a blue screen error due to many reasons and bring troublesome problems. Want to know the major ones and try to resolve the problems with ease? OK! Here are some main causes behind such blue screen error issues for you:

1). Open too many applications or websites at the same time.

Have you viewed too many websites or opened too many YouTube videos stored on that Seagate hard drive before the blue screen of death issue comes to you? Have you tried to close them all at a time? If so, that could be why you get such blue screen problems. And your computer also may not be damaged. Merely learn lessons not to run too many applications, websites, games or the likes at a time again in the future.

2). Hard drive corruption

How long have you used this Seagate hard drive on your Windows 10 computer? Have you tested this hard drive with your CHKDSK or other diagnostic tool before? Does this drive have many bad sectors? If your hard drive really has been used on your Windows 10 PC for a really long time and also gets many bad sectors, such computer blue screen issue also could be caused by hard drive corruption. After recovering your information, go test this drive carefully and see whether it is proper to hold your important data. If not, go choose and purchase a new one instead.

3). Computer programs conflicts. 

Have you installed many similar programs on your PC? Have these similar programs brought you the same computer blue screen problems before whenever you have tried to open two, three or more of them at the same time? If you do, your computer blue screen issues could be aroused by the programs conflicts. You’d better choose and left the best one of them on your computer and uninstall all other ones to remove such program conflict issues.

Of course, in daily use, there are also many other reasons that can bring you blue screen issues, like computer OS issues, computer registry issues, computer motherboard issues and more. You’d better search more related information to lean more. Of course, if it is necessary, also ask some computer experts for help.

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