RAID 5 Array Is Now Not Initialized

Have you ever received not initialized message on a RAID 5 array? Imaging, you are watching movies on your computer, but all of a sudden the movies stops. When you attempt to replay the movies, you find that you unable to access the RAID 5 array on which all your favorite movies are stored. Meanwhile, you find that RAID 5 volume is showing not initialized. What do you think about when getting such kind of error message? Do you think that RAID 5 volume is damaged and you lose all data on the array? Do you want to get a way to recover all files from an uninitialized RAID 5 volume? Now, this page will share solution for data recovery from RAID 5 array when it show not initialized message.

Data Recovery from Uninitialized RAID 5 Volume

It is able to recover data from an uninitialized RADI 5 volume by using iCare Data Recovery. This data recovery software is able to work on Windows OS to recover files from RAID 5 volume when it is not readable or shows not initialized error. By using this software, you can restore all types of files form the RAID 5 volume without rebuilding array. You even do not need to initialize the disk drive in RAID 5 array,iCare Data Recovery Pro provides a read-only way to search every lost file from the drive without modifying any previous information, so you do not need to worry that it will cause any damage by using this data recovery software.

Steps for File Recovery When RAID 5 Array Shows Not Initialized

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Preparation: Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on Windows computer. You should not install the software to the drive which shows not initialized message. Then, you can refer to the guide below to recover files from RAID 5:

Step1. Select a proper mode after running the software on your computer.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the RAID 5 drive which shows not initialized and then you just need to wait when the software is deep scanning the drive to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview files when scanning is finished. Then, you can save all needed data to a different drive.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

RAID 5 Drive Shows Not Initialized under Disk Management

Many people receive not initialized error message on a disk drive when they right click the drive under Disk Management. If you get the same error message on RAID 5 array, you can simply click initialize option to get the drive initialized if there is no important data stored on the array. However, if you have important files on the RAID 5 array, you should stop performing any operation on the array. Of course, you should not initialize the RAID 5 volume, either. Although RAID 5 volume is not accessible if you do not initialize it, you can rely on iCare Data Recovery to extract all inaccessible files from the drive.

RAID 5 Volume Reports Not Initialized due to Virus Infection

A disk drive will show not initialized problem due to many reasons, while virus infection is one of the most common reasons. If your computer is infected with virus, all hard drives in RAID 5 array might be attacked by the virus and become corrupted, in which situation it might report not initialized problem. Therefore, you should install antivirus software on your computer and avoid visit unsafe sites in order to protect your PC from being infected with virus. Of course, you might meet uninitialized problem on RAID 5 array due to some other reasons. For whatever reasons, you should always remember to recover data first before fixing the problem.

How to Initialize Disk Drive in RAID 5?

Do you want to format RAID 5 drive in order to resolve the not initialized problem? Well, you need to initialize the drive to fix this problem. It is easy to initialize a disk drive in RAID 5 on Windows computer. You just need to open Disk Management and then right click the drive which shows not initialized message. After clicking the drive under Disk Management, you can see that there is an option named initialize. You just need to click this option to get the disk drive to be initialized on your computer. Usually, you will be able to access the RAID 5 drive normally when the initializing is completed.

Rebuild RAID 5 to Fix Not Initialized Problem

Sometimes, you might fail to initialize the disk drive in RAID 5 array due to some reasons. If you run into the problem, you can try to rebuild RAID 5 array to fix the issue. Before rebuilding the array, you had better move all data stored on the array to another place. In most case, you do not have to rebuild RAID 5 array to fix the not initialized problem.

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