RAID 0 2TB Western Digital Hard Drive Tells Me to Reformat

Hard Drive in RAID 0 Told Me to Reformat after Power Loss

"Hello, I have installed a 2TB Western Digital hard drive in RAID 0 of my computer and saved about 250GB of films and files there. However, recently, while I tried to upload some data to this drive as usual, the computer power lost suddenly because my little brother had tripped the power strip off switch. And then, after being plunged well to the same computer, it just kept telling to reformat before any use. Do you know how to do a RAID 0 hard drive data recovery after power loss? Or is it possible to recover data from WD hard drive with 'The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format' error problem? Thank you very much in advance!"

Hello, friends! If possible, go try this 2TB WD internal hard drive on another computer and check whether you are told to reformat it there, too. If so, the RAID 0 drive must be damaged due to that sudden power loss. And in order to recover files from RAID drive, you’d better go try hard drive data recovery tools to see whether your needed 250 GB of original drive data is still recoverable.

Recover Files from Hard Drive Asking to Format with Data Recovery Software

Even though your WD hard drive is asking to format after that sudden power loss, about 250GB of your films and files stored inside this 2TB drive may not be erased or corrupted completely yet. Hence, in case of any unwanted data recovery failures, merely stop using this RAID0 hard drive and run hard drive data recovery software to take all possible recoverable original information back.
And now, follow these simple steps for data recovery from Western Digital:

download data recovery software

Step1. Connect this WD drive well on your computer and also search for a reliable data recovery tool well on a different PC drive.

select recovery mode

Step2. Open this software and select a proper data recovery mode or file type for your 2TB drive.

wait while scanning

Step3. Scan this RAID drive deeply and preview the found files.
Step4. Recover drive data to another storage device, like your extra external drive, USB drive and more.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Attention:

*Perform data recovery processes on your not formatted WD hard drive before any reformat to avoid worse data loss troubles.
*Try several free versions of your selected data recovery programs to see which one of them works best for your case.
*Save all retrieved files and films to a different drive or location well after data recovery.
*Make computer RAID hard drive data backups well on several drives or locations from now on.

RAID 0 Hard Drive Data Recovery

When your RAID 0 hard drive files are mistakenly deleted or shift deleted without data backups, when your RAID 0 WD hard drive is reformatted unexpectedly, when your RAID 0 2TB drive is inaccessible due to RAW file system error, virus attack or other logical damages, or when your RAID hard drive gets data loss troubles due to known or unknown reasons, such hard drive data recovery programs also could be your high chances. For example, when you delete some important documents and videos, go undelete files from RAID drive with deleted file recovery utilities. Or have formatted this drive on Windows 7, 8, 10 as you are suggested? Also go recover data after format with such data recovery tools. Overall, just search for the related key words of your data loss troubles and go select the most practical one according to your own conditions.

Sudden Computer Power Loss Does Not Cause Data Loss Troubles Only

Generally, while computer is still in using, the related sudden computer power loss always cause many data loss troubles, including hard drive asking to reformat error, hard drive RAW file system error, CHKDSK RAW drive error, hard drive logical or physical damages and more. What is worse that it doesn’t bring people such data loss troubles only. In some cases, while you are installing or reinstalling your computer operating system, the sudden power loss or power surge also lead to PC OS corruption. If possible, it even damages your computer hardware seriously, like your internal or external hard drives, flash drives and more. Hence, always prepare computer hard drive or partition data backups elsewhere and also do whatever you can to avoid some computer problems caused by power loss or power surge from now on.

What You Can Do to Avoid Such Sudden Power Loss or Power Surge Issues?

Actually, sudden computer power loss or power surge cannot be completely avoided since some causes behind do not all depend on our own behaviors. But, we do get measures to decrease the chances as below:

1). Do not use your computer or laptop in a really bad day.
It is said that the computer is more possible to get a sudden power loss or power surge issue when it is used in a stormy day. Actually, many people are suggested not to use any electrical appliance when lightning flashes and thunder rumble outside.

2). Always support your PC or laptop with bundled battery, if possible.
Such sudden computer power loss or power surge could be caused by unstable power support. Hence, in comparison of offering power support through a computer power strip, you also can merely use the bundled battery. Like mobile phones, some laptop or computers also have been designed with battery support. Hence, if it is possible, always support your computer with the battery.

3). Fully charge you computer battery while using it.
In case of any low power support problems, while using the battery to support your PC, you’d better also always fully charge it. The low battery power also could bring you troublesome data loss problems.

download data recovery software

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