Phone Internal Memory

Several years ago, memory card is still needed in a mobile phone for data storage. Nowadays, mobile phones are getting better and better. You can store different kinds of data on phone internal memory without a memory card. Today, internal memory is such an essential part on your mobile phone because all applications, videos, music, pictures, contact information, etc are stored on it.

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Phone Internal Memory and Memory Card

Both phone internal memory and memory card can be used for data storage. You can save various kinds of data on phone internal memory or memory card. Memory card works as an external storage media which can be inserted in a phone when the internal memory is not enough for data storage. However, today's smartphone usually has a large internal memory which is up to 128GB, so people do not use a memory card anymore in a smartphone which has large internal memory.

Phone Internal Memory Low

Along with more and more data being stored on phone internal memory, you may encounter the problem that phone runs on low internal memory. If it is a memory card that has low disk space, you may change a new card to resolve the problem. However, if it is the phone internal memory runs on low, thing problem seems to be a little difficult.
1. When you meet phone internal memory low problem, you can insert a memory card in your phone and move some data from phone internal memory to the memory card.
2. You can uninstall some unnecessary programs or delete some unimportant files to free up space. Probably, you have stored lots of files on the phone internal memory, but are all of them important? You may resolve the problem by deleting some unnecessary files or programs.
3. Backup pictures or videos to your computer
If you have taken lots of pictures by using your mobile phone, you can move those pictures to your computer’s hard disk for backup. Moving important pictures to computer’s hard disk can not only help backup data to protect it from being lost due to unexpected reasons, but also it can help you free up some space on your phone internal memory.

Cannot Access Phone Internal Memory due to Virus Infection

Today’s smartphones are powerful, with which you can not only make and answer calls, but also you can visit Internet and login Facebook, etc. However, your phone might be at a risk when you use it to visit different websites because your phone might be infected with virus. If your phone is attacked by virus, you may be unable to access data stored on the internal memory. Therefore, you should be careful when you use your phone to open any link or visit any website in order to protect your phone from being infected with virus. If you cannot access any data on your phone internal memory due to virus infection, you can connect your phone to a computer and run anti-virus software to scan and erase possible virus. You can also try to format your mobile phone, but you should know that formatting will erase all data on your phone. Therefore, you had better use professional data recovery software to perform data recovery before formatting it.

PC Cannot Detect Phone Internal Memory

Have you encountered the problem that PC cannot detect the phone internal memory when you connect your mobile phone to your computer? Usually, system can detect your phone internal memory as a removal disk when you connect it to your computer. If the phone internal memory does not show up on computer after being connected, you can check if there is anything wrong with the USB cable or USB port. If there is no problem, you can open Disk Management on your computer to check if the phone internal memory can be detected there.

How to Use Phone Properly?

It is a nightmare to lose important data on phone internal memory, so you should use your phone properly to avoid unexpected data loss.
1. Do not take pictures when there is low battery
You had better stop taking pictures or saving data to your mobile phone when it has a low battery. If your phone turns off suddenly in data storage process, it may cause corruption.
2. Do not disconnect your phone to your computer during data writing or transferring
If you are transferring data from your phone internal memory or writing data to it, you had better not disconnect the phone to your computer before it is completed.

Memory Card Is Corrupted and Unreadable in Phone

Some people would like to insert a memory card to phone when the phone inner memory is not enough for data storage. Data stored on a memory card might become unreadable sometimes when the memory card is corrupted. Then, how to repair corrupted memory card without losing any data? First of all, you should stop performing any operation on the memory card. Then, you can run iCare Data Recovery software to get back files off the corrupted CF card, SD card, XD card, etc. Finally, you can try to format the corrupted memory card.

Users That Meet Various Kinds of Problems on Phone Internal Memory

"I bought a Samsung Galaxy 16GB smartphone last year. Recently, I found that the phone internal memory is getting full though I don't install many programs on the phone. Is there anything I can do to free up space on phone internal memory?" "Today, when I open my phone internal memory and attempted to listen to music, I found that I cannot play any music. Opening the picture folders, I can only see the thumbnails of those pictures, but it says pictures are not accessible when I want to view any of them. What should I do to fix the problem?"

"I have a Blackberry Z10 phone, but I mistakenly delete files from it. Does anybody know how to recover deleted files from blackberry phone memory?"

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