Not Enough Storage on iCloud

Have you ever received "not enough storage" message on your iCloud when you log in it? Usually the message says "This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in Setting."

not enough storage icloud.

Since Apple only offers 5GB of free storage space on iCloud, the storage space will be eaten up day after day when more and more data is backed up to iCloud. You will get the "not enough storage" alert message when the available free space is not enough for new backup.

Troubles Result from Not Enough Free Storage on iCloud

When the available storage space is not enough on iCloud, it might result in many troubles. Here are some problems you may meet due to not enough free storage on iCloud:

1. It will stop automatically backing up data from the selected device such as iPhone, iPad or Mac computer when the available storage is not enough on iCloud even if you have connected it to proper network. If you do not fix the problem as soon as possible, the iOS or Mac device cannot timely backup. When you lose important data on iOS device, you cannot recover data from iCloud backup.

2. You may get some error message since iCloud usually fail to backup your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer when it has not enough available storage space. Those error messages include, "The last backup could not be completed", "iCloud backup failed, there was a problem enabling iCloud backup", etc.

icloud backup failed.

You may face more other unexpected issues due to not enough storage on iCloud, so it is necessary to fix the problem if you do not want to run into any trouble resulting from it.

How to Fix iCloud Not Enough Storage Problem?

When you receive the "not enough storage" warning message or even fail to backup your iOS device due to this problem, you can try following methods to fix the iCloud not enough storage problem:

1. Buy more space

Although Apple only offers 5GB free storage space for iCloud users to backup their iOS or Mac device, it allows you to buy more storage. Therefore, the easiest way to fix the insufficient storage problem is to buy more storage on iCloud.

Follow this guide to buy more storage on iCloud on iOS device: launch "Settings" on your iOS device > click "iCloud" > click "Storage & Backup> click "Buy More Storage"

buy more storage ios

2. Delete iCloud backup

You can also delete old iCloud backup to free up storage space in iCloud.

Follow this guide to delete iCloud backup on iOS device: click "Settings" > click "iCloud" > click "Storage & Backup" > click "Manage Storage" > select the iOS backup you want to delete > click "Delete Backup" button.

delete icloud backup ios

3. Manage storage space

You can manage storage space on iCloud so as to turn off the application or data that you do not want to backup it anymore.

Follow this guide to manage storage space on iCloud: click "Settings" > "iCloud" > click "Storage & Backup" > click "Manage Storage" > toggle the slider to off side under the "Backup Options" > click "Turn off & Delete"

turn off backup icloud

Turn off and delete backup on iCloud does not have any influence on the data stored on the iOS device, so you do not need to worry that the data will be deleted from your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer after deleting on iCloud.

Can You Recover iCloud Backup after Deleting It to Free up Storage Space?

As you know, iCloud backup provides a good solution for data recovery from iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac when any data got lost from any of the devices due to whatever reasons. You will fail to recover deleted files from iPhone without backup, recover data from iPad without backup, etc since you delete the backup data to free up storage space. In this situation, you can run data recovery for iPhone/iPad/iPod to recover deleted files directly from iPhone or iCloud backup.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

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