Not Enough Free Space on C Partition

Your PC Is Telling the C Drive Is Full or Out of Space?

Computer gives an error message saying: "There is no enough free space on partition (C:)…" when you are trying to install a new program, upgrade computer system, download interesting videos, files, games or save anything else there? OK! Never panic! People do get this computer low disk space issue for different reasons. As long as you find the actual reasons and ways to free up the C partition spaces, you always can easily remove this issue. Merely keep reading this article and fix your low disk space issues with ease.

Why You Get This No Space Issues?

This computer drive no disk space issue can happen to you for many reasons. Here are several ones that can help you track down yours.
1). Computer C drive space is occupied by too many web browser temp files, histories, cookies, registries
Have long has it been since you clear your computer browser histories, cookies, registries and temp files? When you use your web browsers to read and check diversified internet webs, the different web browsers, like common Google, Firefix, Internet Explorer, etc, will also automatically generate many temp files, cookies, registries, passwords, histories and more. Though only one of them will not occupy too much hard drive space, tens of, hundreds of and even thousands of these useless computer stuffs can make a difference and eat much drive space. Therefore, that also can be one of the reasons why your C drive now is in low disk space.
2). Computer C drive space is occupied by countless trash files and folders
Have a good habit to delete or erased everything useless timely in daily use? It is always necessary to keep trash files and folders deleted regularly. Why? These trash files and folders also will occupy and waste the free space of your C partition. 
3). Computer partitions are divided improperly.
What type of internal hard drive are you using on your computer, 320GB, 500GB, 1TB or larger hard drive types? How much space have you divided into this C partition? In daily use, the computer C partition are often used to store different newly downloaded software, games, Windows system files/updates and even other stuffs automatically, which makes the C drive free space always reduce very fast. That’s also why people always are asked to specially allocate much larger space to the C partition in comparison with rest partitions. However, if you have not paid attention to this point and arrange much more free space to the rest partitions, like D, E and F partitions, you often will get this low free space issue sooner or latter.  
4). Entire computer internal hard drive is nearly full.
Have tried to open the Disk Management interface and check the free space of all listed partitions there? All partitions do have no much enough free space? OK! It sounds like your whole internal hard drive does encounter same no enough free space problem. Immediately go free up entire computer internal drive space.
5). Computer hard drive is virus-infected.
Some troubles viruses which are spread over the internet also can damage the computer hard drive, corrupt computer system and let computer give the disk no enough free space error. Therefore, going try to remove all invisible viruses may also help fix this drive low disk space issue. 

How to Fix Computer No Space Problems?

Find any effective solution to fix this C drive low disk space issue? OK! No matter what your outcome is right now, here are five different methods for you to fix this computer problem:
1). Delete all useless or trash files and folders
As you’ve read above, the useless web browser cookies, histories, passwords, temp files or trash files and folders, all can take the drive space and reduce the drive free space. Therefore, the first thing you are supposed to do now is to delete these stuffs and free up the drive space as much as possible. Here is what you can do right now:

>> Clear all useless web browser data.

In these days, in order help clean all useless web information, many browsers allows users to clear all possible browsing data within several clicks. Just find the data cleaning option set on your web browsers. Take the Google Chrome as an example. You can easily find its "History" option to easily "Clear browsing data" within seconds.

>> Clean computer temp files

Don’t know how to clean computer temp files stored on your C drive? OK! Follow this: Start=> Run => Type in "temp"=> select and delete all unwanted files.

>> Empty Recycle Bin

Emptying the Recycle Bin also can help free some hard drive space up.

>> Manually select and delete unnecessary files, folders and software.

Go check your C drive information and manually delete all unnecessary files, folders and software one by one. This may take sometime.

>> Clean up C drive with Disk Cleanup tool.

Start Windows Disk Cleanup tool to remove the useless drive information like this: Start=> Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Cleanup.

Please Note: Always pay much attention to the selected files and folders in case of mistakenly deleting very important data.

2). Resize computer partition space
Have checked the computer partition space in Disk Management and found you do have enough free space allocated on the rest computer partitions? OK! In such cases, you can go try to add the free space of the rest partitions to your C partition with low disk space issues.

>> Add free space to C partition with Disk Management tools.

When the partition with enough free space is coincidentally adjacent to your C drive, you often can easily use the Windows Disk Management tools to remove this not enough free space problem as below:
Step1. Open computer Disk Management interface like this: right click "My Computer" to choose "Manage" and highlight "Disk Management" under the "Computer Management" list.
Step2. Right click the drive with enough free space to choose "Delete Logical Drive".
Step3. Right click your C drive to choose "Extend" there.

Please Note: Hope you can firstly back up important C partition data in case of data loss troubles.

>> Resize computer C partition space with partition resizing software.

When the partition with enough free space is not next to your C partition or the "Extend" option is not workable, you can go try to apply some partition resizing software which often allows users to freely adjust the specific partition space with ease.

3). Move all important computer internal drive information to another storage device
Have checked the left partition space in Disk Management and found all partitions do have no much enough free space left? OK! It sounds like your entire internal hard drive is nearly full. To remove this C partition low space problem, you can choose another external hard drive and move all important drive information there to free entire drive space out.

Please Note: In case of encountering some computer problems caused by damaged or lost computer operating system files and folders, like sudden rebooting, sudden shutdown, blue screen of death and more, you’d better not randomly move or delete the essential computer file system files and folders. 

4). Add computer memory, if it is necessary.
Of course, when your computer internal drive is really out of space, except moving crucial data to another storage device, you also can directly add computer memory or change another larger internal hard drive instead. Always choose one according to your own conditions, if it is necessary.

5). Download different antivirus software to kill the possible viruses and threats.
Obviously, if your computer drive, especially this C drive, is virus-infected and bring you low space problem, your original antivirus software must be damaged or does not work as effectively as you think. Go uninstall this software and instead with another proper one. Launch the newly downloaded software and scan entire computer drive to kill all hidden viruses, spyware, malware, worms and the likes.


1).Carefully choose and delete everything useless in case of losing crucial information.
When you are trying to free up drive space by deleting all useless files and folders, you are supposed to put all your attention on selecting the possible stuffs in case of deleting important drive data completely.
2). Back up everything well before any partition resizing steps.
Of course, in case of some unexpected reasons to delete or erase something crucial, you are also asked to back up everything well on another external drive or device before any partition resizing steps.
3).Patiently scan computer drive and recover lost crucial drive data with data recovery software.
Still get some important computer drive files and folders deleted when attempt to remove this no enough free disk space issue? Go scan this computer C drive patiently and recover deleted or lost drive data with computer drive data recovery software. Hope you can always easily recover the deleted drive data back with success.

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