My Computer Wireless Internet Keeps Disconnecting

My Computer Wireless Internet Keeps Disconnecting

"Hello! In these days, I do have some problems with my home computer internet connection. The computer wireless internet keeps randomly disconnecting and reconnecting, especially when I do have not done any farther operation to this computer over 20 minutes. Sometimes, it even disconnect every ten minutes. Is there something wrong with my computer or the internet modem? What can I fix such continuous internet disconnecting and reconnecting issue? Thank you very much in advance!"

Hello, friends! Have you checked whether your computer internet modem is connected well? How about the ADSL connection? Honestly, as with such computer internet keeping disconnecting error problems could be simple or difficult for people to repair according to different causes. You’d better firstly check your computer and related Modem or ADSL well, and go see what you can do to cope with these internet issues.

Why Does Computer Wifi Keeps Disconnecting & Reconnecting?
Generally, such computer keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from computer internet problems are often aroused by loose or wrong internet connection. However, that doesn’t mean it will be the only one reason behind such problems. Honestly, there are many other causes that can bring people similar continuous internet disconnecting issues outside. Here are several ones for you to take as references:

1). Loose or wrong internet connection.
Even with wireless internet connection, people are also supposed to connect the internet related devices well, like the ADSL, modem and more. Hence, once your ADSL or modem connection is loose or gets some errors somehow, the computer internet will not be properly connected and bring you many strange internet connections, including such continuous disconnecting and reconnecting problems.

2). ADSL or modem gets problems.
Except the internet connections, the ADSL and modem devices also play a very important role in keeping functional and continuous internet connection. However, when these devices are damaged or get some issues, they will also cause you troubles and put a negative impact on your common internet connections.

3). Computer network interface card.
In fact, a computer network interface card is a computer device that is installed on your computer and can help receive the wireless signals offered by the internet modem. And it helps a lot to let you have a smooth and fast internet speed. However, once it is broken, malfunctioned or damaged, your computer internet connection will be greatly effected. 

4). Computer Internet Explorer browser is incorrectly set.
Are you using the internet explorer browser to view diversified websites? If so, that computer internet keeping disconnecting problem also could be caused by improper browser settings. In fact, the internet explorer does have an option that can help enable or disable the internet connection when it is not needed. Therefore, when your computer IE browser has been set to disconnect the internet when it is not use, you will certainly encounter such compute internet keeping disconnecting issues. 

5). Computer viruses.
Of course, like other computer problems, such computer issues also could be caused by vicious viruses.

How to Stop Computer Keeping Disconnecting from Internet?
Want to stop similar computer keeping disconnecting from internet problems? All right! That is not impossible. Here are some common solutions you can adopt to remove such computer network issues:
1). Check and reconnect related computer internet device well.
No matter whether your computer network issues are caused by loose or wrong connection, go check and reconnect your computer ADSL and modem to take chances. If you do have got a loose or incorrect connection due to some unintentional accidents, the reconnection often help resolve such issues.
2). Reset your computer internet explorer browser to take chances.
In case that your computer internet explorer browser is set to disconnect the internet while it is no longer needed, go reset it back as below:
Step1. Open your IE browser and find Internet Option interface.
Step2. Click Connections tab on the top section.
Step3. Press Settings button on the Dial-up and Virtual Private Network Setting section.
Step4. Hit Advanced option on the bottom part of the pop-out window.
Step5. Remove the mark sign before the option saying: "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed".
And then, restart your computer internet explorer to try again.

3). Change another computer network interface card for your PC.
Have you checked the computer network interface card of your PC on another computer or try another computer to connect the wireless internet of your home or office? What has happened latter? Does that computer network interface card also works improperly on another computer? Or another computer can be used with smooth or fast internet connection in the same room or office? If so, your computer network interface card seems to be damaged. You’d better change another one to take chances.
Please Note: Before trying to extract the computer network interface card, remember to back up all important computer data on another storage device in case of some computer hard drive data recovery troubles.

4). Check, reset or restart your ADSL or Modem device.
In such cases, also go check the ADSL and modem devices to see whether they are damaged somehow. Just firstly close and restart the modem to see whether it can work effectively as before. If so, just go on using it. But, if not, just restore the modem to its factory state and set it again to see whether it could be used well again. If not, perhaps, you may need to buy another new modem instead.

5).Clean computer viruses.
If you do have scanned viruses on your computer, the firstly thing you are supposed to do is to clean these vicious PC viruses. And then, go see whether such computer keeping disconnecting from internet issue will come to you again or not.
Please Note: As with virus-infected computer, you should act carefully to cause no worse trouble. Of course, if necessary, also format computer fully to kill all possible suspicious stuffs. As with lost computer data, you can go recover files after format with some format recovery software.

Additional Information:
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