Micro SD Card Format Recovery for Windows 7

Last updated on 06/02/2018

"I formatted micro SD card by mistake in Windows 7. Now, I want to ask if there is any way to recover the deleted files from formatted micro SD card on Windows 7 operating system. The files stored on micro SD card are very important to me. If anybody can give me some help, I will appreciate it very much."

"My 8GB micro SD card shows blank and has invalid file system when I connected it to my computer that runs under Windows 7 system. When I double click the micro SD card, system will pop up a message to say disk drive needs to be formatted. What will happen if I click yes to format the micro SD card? Will I lose everything permanently? However, how can I access the corrupted micro SD card if I do not format it?"

"Well, I want to know if it is possible to recover data after formatting micro SD card in my Android phone. I have searched online, and many people say that I need to rely on third-party data recovery software to restore files after formatting memory card. I have tried several data recovery programs, but the data recovery result is not so good. So I wish somebody can recommend a useful data recovery tool which can work on Windows 7 to help micro SD card recovery."

"I want to format my micro SD card because it is infected with virus, but I am afraid that formatting will erase all data on the card permanently. Is there any way to format a virus-infected micro SD card without losing data?"

Micro SD Card Format Recovery for Windows 7

It is available for micro SD card format recovery by using iCare Data Recovery software. It is a read-only data recovery program which can be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista, etc to recover deleted photos, videos, music, etc after formatting. This software supports micro SD card from SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend, PNY, Toshiba, etc. Now, you can follow the guide below to restore any type of data from formatted micro SD card by Windows 7 format recovery software download:

download data recovery software

Step1. Run the data recovery software and choose a recovery module.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the micro SD card and then the software will scan it for lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview the found files after scanning and recover the files you need.

preview found photo

iCare Data Recovery helps full / quick format data recovery from micro SD card.

download data recovery software

MicroSD Card Format Problem Fixing

If micro SD card reports not formatted alter, you should not format it when it still contains important data. Instead, the first thing you need to do is to use the memory card data recovery software to perform data recovery. When the needed data is recovered, you can format the micro SD card to fix the not formatted problem.

In a word, iCare Data Recovery allows you to recover deleted files from microSD card on Windows 7 no matter you perform format by accident or due to card error.

download data recovery software

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