Memory Stick

Memory stick is a type of flash memory card, which is often used in Sony digital camera, digital video camera, laptop and Sony Ericsson mobile phone, etc. You can store different data in a memory stick, but all data might be lost due to memory stick error. Like other types of storage media such external hard drive or memory card, a memory stick would stop working sometimes due to malfunctions. For example:

>> Memory stick not formatted error
>> You cannot format a memory stick to FAT32 file system on Windows
>> There is memory stick inserted problem
>> PC or digital camera cannot format a memory stick which shows RAW file system
>> Memory stick data loss due to human mistake like deleting or reformat

As long as the memory stick is not physically damaged, you can fix errors on a memory stick in any situation.


>>Quick Solution for Memory Stick Recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue files from memory stick when you mistakenly delete files, reformat memory stick or it shows various kinds of errors.

Memory Stick Data Loss due to Delete Reformat

As a storage media for saving or transferring various kinds of data, one of the most common problems that almost every user has encountered on a memory stick is data loss. Generally speaking, this problem can be caused by two kinds of reasons, namely human mistake and memory stick malfunctions. Deletion and reformat are two common mistakes that many people often make. For example, you may mistakenly delete some or all files from a memory stick in editing, viewing or transferring process. Or you may accidentally reformat memory stick on your camera or computer.

Possible Reasons for Memory Stick Errors

A memory stick is usually used as a storage media in some Sony products. In addition to human mistake, memory stick also stops working and shows different kinds of errors due to many reasons. All possible reasons for memory stick errors usually include:
1. The memory stick is attacked by virus
2. Memory stick is not compatible with the device you use
3. Memory stick contains bad sectors
4. Memory stick is corrupted due to other reasons
5. Memory stick is physically damaged

A memory stick usually shows different error messages when it cannot work and disables you read or write data.

Memory Stick Requires Formatting

Memory stick is not formatted do you want to format it now? If your memory stick reports the similar error message on any device, it means that you have to reformat it in order to use it again. This issue results from all possible reasons mentioned above. In addition, memory stick may show not formatted error because you mistakenly reformatted the memory stick but the format was not completed. Whatever the reason is, you have no choice but to format the memory stick to fix the problem. However, you have choice to decide whether you want to recover the inaccessible data from the memory stick or not. You need to use a data recovery tool for memory stick to search and recover every single file before formatting it if you have precious data on the memory stick.

Cannot Format Memory Stick to FAT32 File System on Windows

Usually, a memory stick was formatted into FAT16 or FAT32 file system in order to work normally in Sony digital camera or other device. Sometimes, when you attempt to reformat a memory stick on Windows computer, you may find that there is no FAT32 file system option in format dialog box. If you are unable to format a memory stick into FAT32 file system after connecting to Windows operating system, probably the capacity of the memory stick you want to format is larger than 32GB. You had better format the memory stick in your digital camera or another device that is compatible with the memory stick to proper file system.

No Memory Stick Inserted in Sony Digital Camera

Almost all types of memory sticks are compatible with different Sony digital cameras, but sometimes you may receive message saying there is no memory stick inserted or no memory stick detected after booting your Sony digital camera. When getting this error message, you had better make it clear whether there is some problem on the camera. If you are sure that is no problem with the Sony camera, you can reinsert the memory stick and go to Settings on your camera to see if it shows as storage media there. You can format the memory stick if it shows in Settings.

RAW Memory Stick Cannot Be Formatted

When a memory stick turns to RAW format, it will ask to be formatted. Usually, you can format it in your camera or on Windows computer. If you get message showing cannot complete the format, probably the memory stick file system is corrupted by virus or it has too many bad sectors. You can run antivirus software to scan and erase viruses first of all. Then, you can run Windows Error-checking tool to scan and fix bad sectors on the memory stick. Finally, you can reformat the memory stick from RAW to FAT32.


Whenever you meet any malfunction on a memory stick or you make mistake to delete / reformat a memory stick, you should not hurry to fix the problem before retrieving all important data stored on this memory stick.

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