Storage Card Unformat RAW after Power Outage

"My memory card cannot workafter sudden power outage of my computer. I insert my storage card to transfer some data, but the computer suddenly shut down during the data transferring. When I reboot my computer, my memory card is not recognized by Windows. Then, I remove the memory card and reinsert it to my computer. This time, memory card can be detected, but when I click on the memory card, Windows pops up an error message to say memory card is not formatted. Checking the Properties, the storage card convert to RAW file system. Can you help me to fix the problem? There are many precious pictures on the card."

How to Recover Data off RAW Unformatted Memory Card after Power Outage?

Abrupt power outage might cause memory card corruption problem, so it would show RAW file system and ask you to format memory card when you open a corrupted card. Under the circumstance you can’t format the card. Instead, you can try iCare Data Recovery program to rescue files from the unformatted storage card. You can perform photo recovery from memory card that shows unformatted and RAW after power outage within 3 steps:

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Step1. Start iCare Data Recovery program and choose a proper recovery mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. select your storage card which saved your lost lost files and start to scan.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview the found data after scanning and recover the data you need.

preview found photo

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Format Memory Card from RAW to FAT32

You can format storage card from RAW to normal after data recovery. Memory card could be corrupted due to sudden power outage, but formatting can help fix the problem. You can quick format storage card or completely format the card. If you mistakenly formatted memory card before data recovery, iCare Data Recovery also works as long as the card is not overwritten. Usually, you can recover files off formatted SD card, micro SD card CF card and memory stick, etc.

Memory Card Cannot Be Formatted

When you try to format the RAW memory card to FAT32, sometimes the format might fail.

==>> If storage card is not able to be formatted because of any reason, you can find answer at - why my storage card can’t be formatted by windows - Windows cannot format memory card>>

Other Corruption on Memory Card due to Power Outage

Sudden power outage can cause memory card raw file system error. As a matter of fact, sudden power outage can cause some other problem on your memory card. Especially, if your PC turns off suddenly during data writing or transferring, it can lead your memory card to be corrupted and unreadable.

Memory Card RAW Error due to Other Reasons

In addition to power outage, you might run into memory card RAW not formatted issue due to other kinds of reasons like virus infection, improper operation and more. If the storage card has not been physically corrupted, data is always recoverable no matter why your memory card turns to RAW file system.

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