Storage Card Not Formatting Write Protected

"I met a serious problem on my 4GB SanDisk memory card for my Nikon digital camera. Please help me how can I find my photos in android but my memory card shows error. Storage CaToday, I used my digital camera to take some pictures, but it said that the memory card is write-protected. Then, I insert the storage card into my computer to see what happened. The memory card show as a removable disk on my computer, but I cannot access the card. System reported thatrd Not Formatting Write Protected memory card needs to be formatted before I can use it. When I attempted to format the card, system said that memory card is write-protected and I could not format it. The memory card has raw file system format. Please tell me how to format a write protected memory card without losing any data."

Data Recovery When Memory Card Becomes Write Protected

Sometimes when you use your memory card, you may get error message like memory card is write protected. Usually, there are two possible reasons why you receive such kind of error message. If you cannot access your memory card and system reports not formatted error message, probably, the card is corrupted and prevent you from accessing or performing any operation to the card. If the memory card is corrupted, you may need a data recovery utility to extract files off the memory card and then format the card. iCare Data Recovery software enables you to restore any type of data off all kinds of storage card like SD card, CF card recovery free, etc when it is inaccessible due to write protection. These steps can help you to perform data restore process from storage card when it has become write protected.

Steps to Recover Data from Not Formatted storage Card

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Step1. Insert the storage card to a computer. Install the iCare Data Recovery to your computer. launch the program and choose a suitable recovery mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. select the storage card to scan. you only need to wait for a while.

wait while scanning

Step3. after the scanning process is completed, you can have a preview of found files like pictures and office files. Choose all needed data and save them to another storage media.

preview found photo

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Memory Card Is Write Protected Cannot Format

Usually, when a memory card is write protected, you can still read data from the card but you are unable to copy, delete or move any file from the card. However, sometimes, when you receive message like memory card is write protected, you may be unable to read any data from the card because system will reports another message like memory card is not formatted. In this situation, you may need to format the card in order to access it. However, formatting will erase all data stored on the card, so it is recommended you to use a data recovery program to restore files off the memory card first of all before formatting it. With data recovery software, you are able to recover files off formatted SD, CF, XD and more.

How to Format Write Protected Memory Card?

How can you format a write protected memory card? Can you recover files after quick formatting memory card which is write protected? Well, some memory cards have write protection switches. If you are able to read data from your memory card but cannot write data to the card, you can check if the write protection switch of the memory card is on. In this situation, it will disable you to write any data to the memory card or prevent you from formatting the card. You just need to lock the write protection switch to resolve the problem.

Memory Card Not Formatting Write Protected

If there is no write protection switch or the switch is off on the memory card, probably the card is corrupted. You may format the card to fix the problem. As you know, you may be unable to format the memory card when it is write protected. How can I format a storage card which because it is write protected? In this situation, you can open Disk Management and try to format the card there. You can also rely on third-party format tool to format the CF card, XD card and SD card and more. What you should pay attention is that formatting the card with a format tool might cause some damage to the memory card, so you should think it carefully before using the tool.

==>> If storage card cannot be formatted because of write-protection, you can go to - storage card can't be formatted by windows>>

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