iPhone Stuck at Boot Screen after Updating to iOS 9.3

Your iPhone is stuck at boot screen after updating to iOS 9.3 on the device? It is a common option for iOS device users to upgrade their device to iOS 9.3 from previous iOS version. However, many iPhone users run into the problem that their iPhone cannot boot normally anymore after or during updating to iOS 9.3. What is wrong? Is there any way to fix this problem on iPhone so that you can start your iPhone normally?

Why Does iPhone Cannot Boot after iOS 9.3 Update?

Generally speaking, your iPhone often shows apple logo on screen when it is stuck at boot screen. It seems like that everything stops and the iPhone can no longer boot normally. This kind of problem can be caused by many reasons like iPhone jailbreak, iOS crash, etc. iOS updating is another common reasons that may cause your iPhone to be unbootable and stuck at the boot screen for a long time. Probably, it causes some trouble to your iPhone during or after updating to iOS 9.3, so your iPhone is not able to boot normally. For example, some software is not compatible with the new iOS 9.3 operating system, so your iPhone stuck at boot screen due to software conflict.

Fix iPhone Stuck at Boot Screen after iOS 9.3 Update in DFU Mode

It usually causes lots of inconvenience if an iPhone always stuck at the boot screen and fail to boot normally. In this situation, you can neither view files stored on the iPhone nor do anything with the device. Well, you can fix the iPhone stops on boot screen and shows apple logo resulting from iOS 9.3 updating in DFU Mode.
Then, how can you put your iPhone in DFU mode so that you can fix the problem? Usually, there are 3 basic methods to enter DFU mode on an iPhone:

Method 1: Restore iPhone in DFU mode normally

This method is the most common one to restore your iPhone when it cannot boot normally. Follow the steps below:

Step1. Turn off the iPhone.
Step2. Hold and press Power and Home button.
Step3. When iPhone shows White Apple logo, you can release the Power button and only press Home button.
Step4. Launch iTunes and wait it to enter DFU mode. Then press the Shift button and click Restore button to select the firmware to restore.

Method 2: Restore iPhone from black screen

Step1. Connect iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
Step2. Turn off the iPhone and the iPhone will no longer show on your PC.
Step3. Hold and press Power and Home button for about 10 seconds. Then, release the Power button and only press Home button.
Step4. Now, iTunes will launch automatically and prompt to enter DFU mode (your iPhone show black screen at this time).
Step5. Press the Shift key and click Restore button to restore the iPhone.

Method 3: Enter DFU mode on Windows

This method is only available for computer which runs Windows operating system, so you can use this method if you want to fix the iPhone problem on Windows computer.
Step1. Download DFU and extract this software on your computer. Then, move the DFU software to c:/dfu/
Step2. Connect your iPhone to this computer (If iTunes launches automatically, close it).
Step3. Run DFU and type c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu, and then wait patiently before iPhone shows white screen.
Step4. When iPhone shows white screen, you can downgrade the iOS 9.3 to previous version on the iPhone.

Data Recovery from iPhone Which Stuck at Apple Logo Boot Screen due to iOS 9.3 Update

If you lose any data since iPhone stuck at apple logo and stops on boot screen after updating to iOS 9.3, you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup or iTunes backup. Or you can also use data recovery for iPhone to recover lost files from iPhone.

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