Insert Chip but Cannot See Data How to Restore Files

Last updated on 17/03/2018

Have you encountered the following problem?

When inserting a chip normally, but you are unable to read any data?

Well, a chip is an important part in a memory card or USB flash drive. You can read data from a flash card or flash drive normally only when the chip inside the device works well. If you cannot see any data or memory card / flash drive becomes unreadable after inserting to a phone or computer, you may consider if the chip inside the device is broken or dirty.

How to Recover Data Unreadable from Chip (Flash Card / Drive)?

If you cannot see any data after inserting a flash card or drive to any device, it might be in following two situations:

1. The flash chip can show but you cannot read any file on it
2. Flash chip is not showing and you cannot see any data

For those two situations, you can use a data recovery program named iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore invisible files. This software is able to recover data from any flash disk or card.

Firstly, you can choose "Deep Scan Recovery" module of this tool to see if the flash media can be recognized. If you can see the flash drive shows on the software, then you can continue to scan to find the lost files. If the chip does not appear on the software, then, you can go back to select "Lost Partition Recovery" module. This mode is able to scan all disks even it cannot show for files recovery.

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Insert Chip but Not See Media Can You Recover Data?

If the flash disk does not appear after plugging to your computer, firstly make sure whether the USB port of your computer is damaged. If the chip does not show on any desktop or laptop, probably the chip is physically damaged. For a physically damaged flash memory chip, it is impossible to use a data recovery tool to get back lost files because no software is able to detect a chip that is physically damaged.

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