iCloud Restore Failed after iOS 9.3 Update

You may want to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3 so that your iOS device is able to have a better performance, but what you may be unable to afford is that you may fail to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup after updating to iOS 9.3. This kind of problem can be caused by many reasons. If all data has been deleted from iPhone after iOS 9.3 update and you fail to restore lost data from iCloud backup, is there any way to restore iCloud backup or get back lost files from iPhone iPad? In this situation, you may try to restore iPhone from iTunes backup or use data recovery for iPhone iPad.

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Causes for iCloud Restored Failure after iOS 9.3 Update

Usually, iOS update does not have any influence data stored on your iOS device whether you update iPhone or iPad to lower version to iOS 9.3. However, it is still highly recommended to backup your iOS device before performing iOS 9.3 updating to avoid unexpected data loss. Even though, many people find another problem that iCloud restore failed after iOS update. Why? Here are some possible reasons:

1. The backup was not completed

As you know, you can restore iOS device from iCloud backup on condition that you have backed up or synced your iOS device in advance before data loss. When you run iCloud to backup your iPhone before iOS 9.3 updating, the last backup might not be completed due to reasons like there is not enough available storage on iCloud, the iPhone or iPad is disconnected to WiFi in the backup process and more other reason. You can learn more information about this problem by reading the last backup could not be completed error on iCloud.

2. The iCloud backup was broken or crashed

Another common reason is that the you have successfully backed up your iPhone / iPad in advance, but the problem is that the iCloud backup was broken after iOS 9.3 update. For example, your iPhone or iPad is attacked by virus or suffers other problem, in which situation the iCloud backup on your iPhone is broken. In this situation, iCloud restore will fail. Or the iCloud backup was crashed due to iOS 9.3 update failure.

3. iCloud auto backup is disabled after iOS 9.3 update

Usually, iCloud will automatically back up the selected iOS device as long as the device is connected to WiFi or usable network. However, iCloud auto backup might be disabled after iOS 9.3 update, so iCloud restore failed when you attempt to restore data from iCloud backup.
As a matter of fact, iCloud backup restore failure is a problem that could occur in many situations. What mentioned above are some possible causes. If you encounter the similar problem, what can you do to get back lost files or restore iCloud backup?

Free to Restore iCloud Backup after iOS 9.3 Upgrade

iCloud usually contains all text messages, video files, audio files, images, contact information, emails, etc backed up from your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device. If iCloud restore failed after iOS 9.3 update when you attempt to restore your iPhone / iPad from iCloud backup, you can run iTunes to restore files from iPhone / iPad with iTunes backup.

When iCloud restore failed, you can also use data recovery for iPhone to recover files from iPhone / iPad without iTunes / iCloud backup. Data recovery for iPhone is a program that is able to work on all iOS devices such as iPhone 6, 5, 4, 3 and iPad and more to recover lost or deleted files without iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

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