How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

How can you transfer photos from a computer to your iPhone? iPhone users might know that Apple iOS does not allow its users to transfer files from other device to iPhone by simply copying and pasting. The most common method to move pictures from a computer to iPhone is to rely on iTunes. However, some people do not want to use iTunes to transfer photos to iPhone. Then, is there any other solution for data transferring between computer and iPhone without iTunes?

How to Transfer Pictures to iPhone from Computer with iTunes?

With Apple’s iTunes, you can easily transfer pictures to your iPhone from computer. You can select all pictures or specify some pictures to transfer from computer to your iPhone with iTunes by following the steps below:

Step1. Update the iTunes to the latest version on your computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer.

Step2. Run the iTunes and select iPhone device and then click "Photos".

Step3. Click the "Sync Photos from" and choose the folder which contains the photos you want to transfer (You can choose to transfer all photos which are stored on the selected folder or you can also choose the specific photos you want to transfer).

sync photos itunes

Step4. After selecting the photos you need to transfer, you can click "Apply" button and wait patiently before the sync process is completed.

You can see all selected photos on your iPhone when the sync is completed.

How to Upload Photos from iPhone to Computer?

You can also upload photos from your iPhone to your computer whether it is running Windows or Mac operating system.

Upload photos from iPhone to Windows PC

If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to a Windows computer, you can follow the guide below:

Step1. Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC via the USB cable. Open "My Computer" and you can see that the iPhone will show as a device there.

Step2. Right click the iPhone icon and select "Import pictures and videos".

import pictures videos

Step3. Now, it will pop up the "Import Pictures and Videos" window. You can select "Review, organize, and group items to import" option or "Import all new items now" option based on your need.

import pictures and video window

Click "More Option" so that you can select the location to save the photos transferred from your iPhone.

import settings

You can see all photos in the location folder after importing them to your Windows computer.
Tip: You can select to erase the selected photos after importing so that it will delete those photos from your iPhone after importing them to your computer.

Transferring photos from iPhone to Mac

There are several useful methods to transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac:
1. Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto by following the guide: connect the iPhone to Mac and launch iPhoto > open photos on iPhone and choose the photos you want to transfer and import them.
2. You can also move photos from iPhone to Mac with image capture program by connecting the iPhone to Mac and import photos from the image capture program.
3. You can also upload photos from iPhone via email, FaceBook, etc and then download the photos to your Mac computer.

Move Files from PC to iPhone without iTunes

If you want to move files from PC to iPhone without iTunes, you have to rely on third-party tool. Or you can upload all files to your FaceBook or email. Then, you can connect your iPhone to a proper network and download those files to your iPhone.

Recovering Data Lost from iPhone during Photo Transferring

When you transfer data between iPhone and computer, you may delete the original pictures after transferring. Or you may meet some problem in data transferring process, in which situation you lose some or even all precious photos. If you lose any picture or other data due to transferring files from iPhone to computer, you can use data recovery for iPhone to restore lost photos, videos, etc.

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