How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Computer Windows or Mac

iPhone has become a device with which people can not only make calls and answer calls, but also take photos and record videos. When you have saved lots of pictures and videos on your iPhone, you may want to transfer all the files from your iPhone to a computer (Windows or Mac) to make a backup or free up space on the iPhone. However, you cannot copy files from an iPhone to computer directly. Then, how can you transfer photos and videos from an iPhone SE, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, etc to a Mac or Windows computer?

Free to Import Photos and Videos from iPhone to Windows

You can transfer pictures, videos, music and other types of files from a computer to iPhone by using iTunes or other tools. As a matter of fact, you can also transfer photos and videos from an iPhone device to your computer which runs Windows operating system importing the photos and videos. Following the steps below:

Setp1. You should plug the iPhone to the Windows computer via a USB cable.

Step2. Access "My Computer" on the computer and then you can see all locate hard disk and external devices that are connected to this computer. You just need to right click the iPhone device and then click "Import pictures and videos".

import photos videos

Step3. On the "Import Settings" menu, you can set the location that you want to import the photos and videos to. You can also set the Folder name and File name. After performing all settings, you can click "OK" button.

import settings

Step4. You can set if you want to erase the files from iPhone after importing. Erasing after importing is able to free up space on your iPhone. You just need to select the "Erase after importing" opting so that it will erase the photos and videos when all of them have been imported to your Windows PC successfully.

erase after importing

Step5. You can tag those pictures or videos and then click "Import" button. You just need to wait patiently in the data importing process.

Transfer Pictures to Computer That Runs Mac with Image Capture

You want to transfer photos from iPhone to computer that runs Mac OS? Mac is quite different from Windows operating system, so the method to transfer data from iPhone to Mac is also different from that of Windows OS. There is not only one method to transfer pictures to Mac from any iPhone, while one common method is to use Image Capture tool. Follow the guide below to use Image Capture tool to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac:

Step1. Connect the iPhone to Mac via USB cable and open the Image Capture on Mac. Click the iPhone device under the Device in the left frame.

Step2. Set the location that you want to transfer the photos to by selecting the folder after the Import to option.

Step3.You can only select the files you want to transfer and then click Import so as to only import the selected files. Or you can also click Import All button to transfer all files.

import photos to mac with image capture

Transfer Images from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto

iPhoto is another tool on Mac OS, with which you can transfer images from any type of iPhone to Mac OS by following guide below:
Step1. Connect iPhone to the Mac through USB cable and then launch iPhoto on the computer.
Step2. Choose the photos you want to transfer from iPhone and then click Import Selected to transfer them to Mac.

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iPhone Data Recovery after Transferring to Mac or Windows

Have you ever lost data from your iPhone after performing data transferring from iPhone to Mac or Windows? If so, you can use data recovery for iPhone to get back lost data. With this software, you are able to restore deleted photos, video files, music, contacts, text message SMS, etc or when files got lost due to other reasons in data transferring process.

You can also perform following operations to restore data from iPhone:

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