How to Transfer and Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone SE

You want to transfer or restore iCloud backup to your iPhone SE since some or even all data got lost from the iPhone SE? There is no doubt that you can restore iPhone SE from iCloud backup as long as you backed up the device in advance. This article will tell you how to transfer iCloud backup to iPhone SE from an old iPhone or restore iCloud Backup to your iPhone SE when data got lost.

Situations to Transfer iCloud Backup to iPhone SE

Generally speaking, you may want to transfer iCloud backup to an iPhone SE in two situations:

Situation 1: Transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone SE from iCloud backup

You probably backed up your old iPhone with iCloud, but now you want to restore the iCloud backup to your new iPhone SE so that you can transfer all data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone SE.

Situation 2: Restore lost data from iPhone SE via iCloud backup

You probably aim to restore lost data from your iPhone SE with iCloud backup. Usually, you may encounter different kinds of data loss problems on your iPhone, in which situation you are able to restore iCloud backup to the iPhone SE so as to get back every lost file. Here are some common reasons for iPhone SE data loss:

When you run into the similar situations above, you can transfer iCloud backup to iPhone SE.

Restore iPhone SE from iCloud Backup

If you use iCloud to backup your iPhone SE before data got lost, it is quite easy to restore everything from iCloud backup to iPhone SE. You just need to click Settings > iCloud > log in iCloud with the account which was used to backup your iPhone SE before > click Restore from iCloud backup > select the backup you want to restore and recover them back to your iPhone SE

restore from icloud backup

If you lose data from the iPhone SE due to iOS failure or corruption, Apple has offered an options to reset your iPhone. You can restore data from corrupted iPhone SE by following click Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings, and then the iPhone SE will be restore to factory settings and finally you can select Restore from iCloud backup to recover all files.

restore iphone se from icloud backup

Transfer Photos Contacts from One iPhone SE to Another with iCloud Syncing

You can transfer some files from one iPhone SE to another with iCloud syncing by following the steps below:
Step1. Connect both of iPhone SE to WiFi and log in iCloud with the same Apple ID on both of them.
Step2. Click the Settings > iCloud on your old iPhone SE.
Step3. Select the items including photos, emails, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, etc and then it will automatically synced to your new iPhone.
Pay attention: You only transfer several types of files such as photos, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, emails, etc from one iPhone to another via iCloud syncing. It does not support to transfer files like music, Apps, etc by iCloud sync.

Extract Specific Files in iCloud Backup to iPhone SE with Software

If you restore iCloud backup to iPhone SE, you have to erase all original data from your iPhone SE and then restore all contents contained in the selected iCloud backup. However, sometimes, you may only want to restore some specific files like photos, videos, or music. In this situation, you can use data recovery for iPhone. It is able to deep scan the iPhone to search lost files or scan the iCloud to show all iCloud backup data, so that you can preview each file in advance before recovering them. Then, you can only select the specific files you need and save them.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

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