How to Restore Videos on iOS 9

How to retrieve deleted videos on a device that runs iOS 9? Although iOS 9 device is different from other device like Android OS, its users still encounter data loss problem due to different reasons.
Here are some related FAQs about data loss problem on iOS 9:

Your favorite videos might be lost from iOS 9 device due to more other reasons like the device suffers physical damage, upgrade iOS 9 failure, restoring iOS 9 to factory settings, etc. Whenever you lost data on iOS 9 device, you can use data recovery for iPhone to perform data recovery.

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What to Do after Data Loss from iOS 9?

It does not matter what kind of problem you meet to lose important files on iOS 9 device, you should pay attention to following points if you still want to get all lost data back:

1. Stop syncing the device with iTunes or iCloud and you should also stop backing up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. If you still backup your device with iCloud / iTunes after data loss, the new backup data might overwrite the original backup data. In this situation, you may fail to restore your iPhone / iPad / iPod from backup.

2. You should stop adding new data to the iOS device where data got lost. The new written data might overwrite original data, in which situation you will fail to get back what you need unless you have backup.

3. If the device stops working due to corruption or other reasons, you had better not fix the error before getting back the files you need. It might cause further data loss when you try any method to fix the issue.

How to Avoid File Loss on iOS 9?

The best way to avoid file loss on any device is to make a backup. Apple’s iOS device has many different design compared with other brand device. For all Apple products users, Apple Inc. provides iTunes and iCloud for data backup.
In addition to data backup, you can also do something else to prevent unexpected damage to your device. You can pay attention to following points:

1. If you jailbreak your iOS 9 so as to install some applications from other sites, you should avoid downloading program from unsafe website. Besides, you should be careful to avoid installing spyware on your device.

2. If you want to upgrade iOS 9, you should prepare well to avoid unexpected trouble during iOS upgrading. For example, you should make sure that the iTunes has been updated to the latest version and the device has enough battery.

4 Solutions for iOS 9 Video Photo Recovery

How can you perform video photo recovery on iOS 9? Here are 4 possible solutions:

1. Restore iPhone with iCloud backup

2. Restore iOS 9 from iTunes backup

3. You can restore deleted videos and photos from "Recently Deleted" album on iPhone device which runs iOS 9 or later version if you just deleted any video or picture on the device within 30 days.

4. Data recovery for iPhone offers read-only solution for any file recovery on iOS 9 after deleting or other reasons. You can use it to deep scan the device and rescue all wanted data.

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