How to Restore iPhone after Jailbreak

How can you restore your iPhone after jailbreak? If you are an iPhone user, you probably know that you can only download and install applications on your iPhone from official Apple App Store. However, jailbreak is a process of removing the restrictions on iOS operating system so as to get the root access to the iOS operating system. Simply say, you can download applications from other sources instead of the official Apple App Store after jailbreak. There is no doubt that it is more convenient to install applications on iPhone after jailbreak, but the data on your iPhone gets lost much easier. Is it possible to restore your iPhone data when it got lost after jailbreak? Then answer is yes! You can restore iPhone from iTunes / iCloud backup or using data recovery for iPhone.

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Restore iPhone after Jailbreak with iTunes Backup

Although it brings lots of conveniences after jailbreak iPhone, you may lose data from your iPhone due to jailbreak. It is good news if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before jailbreak. iTunes usually remain the latest backup data when you sync your iPhone with it. Therefore, you can restore all data from iTunes backup if any data got lost from iPhone after jailbreak. What you need to do is to connect your iPhone to the computer that has iTunes installed and then you can select the iPhone device in iTunes and restore all data from iTunes backup. You should avoid syncing your iPhone with iTunes after jailbreak when data got lost in order to prevent overwriting the previous iTunes backup.

Restore Files from iPhone with iCloud Backup after Jailbreak

Some iPhone users prefer to sync their iPhone with iCloud rather than iTunes, because iCloud enables them to backup data automatically without connecting the iPhone to any computer. You can backup your iPhone with iCloud as long as you can make sure that your iPhone connects to a network. If you lose data from iPhone after jailbreak, you only need to connect the iPhone to network and login your Apple account to restore data from iCloud backup. In order to recover iPhone from iCloud backup, you should make sure not disconnect your iPhone to network.

Free Data Recovery for iPhone for Photo Restore after Jailbreak

Can't restore iPhone after jailbreak since you did not sync your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud? Or iTunes / iCloud backup were lost due to some reasons? Is it still possible to recover data from iPhone without iTunes / iCloud backup? Well, files might be lost from iPhone due to many reasons after jailbreak. For example, the iOS device of iPhone might be corrupted after jailbreak. Or iPhone is infected with virus since you install malware on it after jailbreak. In all data loss situations, you can restore data by using data recovery for iPhone. Running this free software, you can deep scan the iTunes or iCloud to search lost backup, or you can also directly scan the iPhone to search all lost files.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreak iPhone

Should you jailbreak your iPhone? What you may wish to know is the advantages and disadvantages after jailbreak when you want to jailbreak your iPhone. Truthfully, every coin has two sides, so do jailbreak of your iPhone.

Benefits of Jailbreak iPhone:

1. You can install more applications on your iPhone after jailbreak. After jailbreak, you are allowed to download and install any application from other place rather than the Apple App Store.

2. Since you have gotten the highest permission for your iPhone after jailbreak, you can modify any information on iPhone. You can rely on third-party freeware to flexibly manage your iPhone device.

Disadvantages after Jailbreak iPhone

1. Although you have the highest permission after jailbreak, there is a risk of system crash from the jailbreak. If you install spyware on your iPhone after jailbreak, it might causes instability of iOS operating system. Your iPhone might run slowly due to instability of iOS operating system.

2. iOS might corrupt after jailbreak since you have installed too many spyware on your iPhone. Your iPhone might be easily hacked by hackers. You may lose important data on your iPhone after jailbreak due to virus infection, hacker attack, etc after jailbreak.

How to Remove Jailbreak on iPhone?

After enjoy the convenience after jailbreak for some time, you may want to remove the jailbreak on your iPhone since you find it also cause many troubles. Is it possible to remove jailbreak from iPhone?
First of all, you should connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and then sync your iPhone with iTunes.
Secondly, you can click "Restore" button in iTunes so as to make sure that you want to restore your iPhone to factory settings.
Finally, your iPhone will restart after which it will successfully restore to factory settings.

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